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Benefits of Building ENERGY STAR Certified Homes


  • Beazer Homes


    These homes feature open-cell spray foam insulation that reduces air leakage and allows for smaller-sized HVAC units.

  • Brighton Homes


    Air sealing is carefully inspected by superintendents to ensure complete coverage of all gaps and penetrations.

  • KB Homes


    Energy-efficient features include blown-in attic insulation, radiant barrier roofing, insulated garage doors, and low-E windows.

  • Providence Homes


    The Monroe model offers its owners a low electric bill of less than $140 a month.

  • Ivey Homes


    Features include radiant barrier roof sheathing, advanced framing, and extensive air sealing.

  • VIP Homes


    Energy-efficient features include low-E dual-pane windows, insulated ductwork, and cathedralized attic insulation.

Today’s homebuyers are looking for assurance that the home they purchase is energy-efficient. Join the thousands of builders across the country who are using U.S. EPA’s trusted ENERGY STAR label, recognized by 89% of Americans, to give their homebuyers confidence they have made the right choice.

Builder & Developer Benefits

Improve Your Construction Process. Participating in the ENERGY STAR program can help you improve your construction process.

  • Reduce your construction costs: Building ENERGY STAR certified homes will reduce your lumber costs and offer cost savings through right-sized HVAC units.
  • Minimize costly call backs:  ENERGY STAR builders report that they have seen a reduction in comfort-related complaints.
  • Standardize your building practices:  Using ENERGY STAR’s Program Requirements, you can help standardize specs for subcontractors for bidding and work performance purposes.
  • Obtain industry vetted support:  EPA can provide you with best practices from builders across the country for your specific climate.

Sell More Homes. Partnering with ENERGY STAR gives you access to a number of free ENERGY STAR sales and marketing resources that can help you sell more homes.

  • Co-brand with ENERGY STAR: Display the ENERGY STAR logo with your own company’s logo.
  • Turn-key Marketing and Sales Training Tools:  Use free marketing collateral and sales training resources to help position yourself as an ENERGY STAR builder.
  • Awards and Recognition: Stand out from your competition by receiving national recognition from the EPA.

Visit the Partner Locator to find active ENERGY STAR partners and incentives near you.

Builder & Developer Partnership Types

Become a Partner

Site Builder – Builders of single-family homes and low rise multifamily buildings that are constructed on site.

  • Home Owner/Builder – Individual acting as the builder for their own home.
  • Local/Regional Homebuilder – Builder company serving only one local/regional market.
  • Regional Division (National Production Builder) – Local/regional division of a multi-division production builder.
  • Production Builder Corporate Office – Corporate office of a multi-division production builder.
  • Master Planned Community Developer – Community developers can require that all homes within their community be certified to ENERGY STAR. These developers are eligible to partner with ENERGY STAR and actively leverage the ENERGY STAR brand to attract top performing builders and home buyers.

Multifamily High Rise Developer – Companies or individuals that construct multifamily buildings and plan to participate in the ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise program.

Factory Builder – Manufacturers of single-family homes that are fully constructed in a factory environment.

  • Corporate Office – Corporate office of a multi-division factory builder.
  • Manufacturing Plant – Individual company or local/regional division of a multi-division factory builder.
  • Retailer – Retail location of factory built homes.

Becoming an ENERGY STAR partner is easy. Simply fill out an ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement. There is no cost to partner with ENERGY STAR or use ENERGY STAR promotional materials.