California ENERGY STAR Program Requirements

Which Version of the Program Requirements Should I Use?

Use the table below to determine which version of the program to certify homes under. Note that EPA has created Version 3.1 of the Program Requirements for California to ensure that ENERGY STAR certified homes will continue to offer meaningful savings relative to non-certified homes, because California has adopted the more stringent 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

Version # Applicable to Homes with the Following Permit Date Version Description

Version 3

10/01/2012 to 03/31/2016

  • ≥ 15% above 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards
  • Size Adjustment Factor applied and enforced
  • All checklists completed and enforced

Version 3.1

On or After 04/01/2016

  • California Advanced Home Program (CAHP) score of ≤84 or ≥ 10% above 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.
  • All checklists completed and enforced

How to Certify a Home

Select the core energy efficiency measures

Complete Mandatory Measures

Certification of a home also requires the completion of the following:

Sampling Protocol

’Sampling’ allows builders who have demonstrated an ability to consistently meet the ENERGY STAR Program Requirements to minimize production interruptions and verification costs. For more information, see the California Home Energy Rating System Program Regulations. Exit ENERGY STAR

Policy Changes and Clarifications

EPA periodically makes policy changes and clarifications, typically in response to a unique situation within a particular climate zone, and shares frequently–asked questions. See Recent Policy Changes and Clarifications.

Training Requirements and Resources

Version 3 includes new and more rigorous requirements for builders, Raters, and HVAC contractors. EPA requires that they each complete training on Version 3 to promote successful adoption and has created a number of resources to assist them in understanding the Program Requirements. Learn More

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