Version 2.5 and 3 Training Resources

Training Presentations

  • Webinars — ENERGY STAR offers free webinars to help you get the most out of your partnership and prepare for Version 3.
  • How to Measure Whole-House Ventilation Airflow Exit ENERGY STAR (< 5 minutes each) — Watch these four short videos to see how to measure whole–house ventilation airflow— one critical commissioning task for ENERGY STAR certified homes.

Technical Guidance Documents

  • Slab Edge Insulation Exemption Details PDF (207KB) — This document provides explanations and illustrations of slab edge insulation exemptions.
  • Kitchen Exhaust Guidance PDF (121KB) — This document provides guidance on alternative compliance options for meeting the kitchen mechanical exhaust requirements.
  • Attic Hatch Details PDF (139KB) — This document provides explanations and illustrations of insulation details for attic entrances.
  • HVAC Design Temperatures PDF Exit ENERGY STAR — This document lists the 1% and 99% ACCA Manual J outdoor design conditions that HVAC designers are required to use and Raters are required to verify per the Version 3 guidelines.
  • ENERGY STAR Version 3 HERS Index Target Procedure PDF (221KB) — This document provides detailed instructions for manually determining the ENERGY STAR HERS Index Target.

Inspection Checklist Technical Guides

Technical guides for the ENERGY STAR Inspection Checklists are available at the Building America Solutions Center, created by the U.S. Department of Energy. These free guides replace EPA's Inspection Checklist Field Guidebooks and provide a wealth of building science and energy-efficiency information. They are intended to be aligned with, and used as a supplemental resource to, the Version 3 guidelines but do not represent the official policy of the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program. Where questions arise, please contact


Please contact us with any questions about the ENERGY STAR Version 3 guidelines.