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California ENERGY STAR Version 2 Guidelines

Should I use the Version 2 guidelines?

  • Homes permitted before January 1, 2012 are permitted to be qualified under Version 2 of the guidelines for California.

How to Qualify a Home

Select the core energy efficiency measures

There is only one path to qualify a home to earn the ENERGY STAR in California, the Performance Path. The Performance Path is based on a customized package of upgrades. See the Version 2 Program Requirements for California. PDF (21KB)

Complete inspection checklists

The Version 2 Requirements for California require completion of the Thermal Bypass Checklist. Homes must also pass California�s Quality Insulation Installation protocol.

EPA has developed a Thermal Bypass Inspection Checklist Guide PDF (2.52MB) to explain the rationale behind each item.

Policy Changes and Clarifications

EPA periodically makes policy changes and clarifications, typically in response to a unique situation within a particular climate zone. See Recent Policy Changes and Clarifications.