EPA Clarifies Use of Thermography for TBC Inspection

The Thermal Bypass Inspection Checklist permits alternative methods of meeting the checklist requirements to be used if the Provider deems them to be equivalent, or more stringent, than the Inspection Checklist guidelines.

At their discretion, Providers are permitted to allow their Raters to use IR thermography to complete relevant portions of the Thermal Bypass Inspection Checklist for homes qualified under Version 2 of the program. EPA recommends, but does not require, that RESNET�s Interim Guidelines for Thermographic Inspections of Buildings be used. Regardless of the method used, the Rater and Provider are the parties responsible for verifying that the requirements of the checklist have been completed.

Note that EPA is evaluating its policy regarding the use of IR thermography for homes qualified under Version 2.5 and Version 3 of the program, given the increased requirements under these versions and the pending finalization of RESNET�s Guidelines for Thermographic Inspections of Buildings.

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