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Developing Strong Relationships with Local Builders

The most commonly asked question posed by new verification organizations is “How can I meet more builders and persuade them to hire my company?” Many rating companies have achieved success by:

  • Making sure they have good-quality promotional materials that explain their services in a clear, appealing way. EPA offers raters no-cost materials for use in marketing efforts, such as:
  • Including testimonials from satisfied builders in marketing materials and online.
  • Joining the local Home Builders Association (HBA), participating in HBA meetings, networking with industry professionals, and becoming a featured speaker at events.
  • Offering free introductory ratings to potential clients to establish a baseline and provide recommendations on how homes can most cost-effectively earn the ENERGY STAR.
  • Giving presentations at seminars and workshops to help establish their companies as respected resources in the community.
  • Participating in and being seen at home shows, trade shows, local energy fairs, or Earth Day events. These are opportunities for raters to meet potential clients, take advantage of the consumer awareness of ENERGY STAR (and public interest in energy efficiency), and demonstrate how they do “their share for the environment” through ENERGY STAR.
  • Convincing local news outlets (print, radio, cable, and TV) and blogs to feature their company and the builders who work with them in business or human interest stories.

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