Hundreds of Home Energy Raters who partner with ENERGY STAR have already created successful business relationships with home builders. The talking points below can help you do the same.

  • To qualify for the ENERGY STAR, all new homes must be verified by a trained, certified, independent third-party.

    Our company is a trained, certified, independent third-party with a proven track record in the building industry.

  • Building ENERGY STAR certified homes can help your company improve quality, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce warranty claims.

    We are committed to these same goals.

  • By building ENERGY STAR certified homes, your company can demonstrate (1) market leadership in energy-efficient construction and (2) environmental stewardship. You can turn both of these achievements into market advantage.

    Our services can help you do that.

  • Consumers increasingly recognize and choose ENERGY STAR.

    Let’s both take advantage of this high public awareness and the current public interest in energy efficiency.

  • By including energy-saving features in your homes, you can increase your bottom line. In addition, the savings on energy may persuade buyers to select additional upgrades, further increasing your profit.

    When you succeed, we succeed.

Our company can:

  • Provide energy plan reviews and ratings that are cost-effective, efficient, and won't push back your timelines.
  • Assist your superintendents by helping them identify and fix quality concerns while homes are under construction.
  • Train your contractors and sub-contractors to properly size and install equipment and correctly seal the home's envelope.
  • Train your sales force so that they can confidently explain the benefits of energy-efficient homes and convince customers they should not settle for less.
  • Help you demonstrate code compliance.

Note: Because many third-party verification companies offer complementary services to those of Home Energy Raters, not every statement above applies universally to all rating companies.

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