Step 4: Provide Additional Value-Added Services to Builders

Persuading builders to construct ENERGY STAR certified homes and verifying home performance are only the first steps. There are many other business opportunities. You can provide valuable information to your builder clients, their staff, and their customers. By actively contributing to your builders' successful experience with ENERGY STAR, you become a valued resource for their team.

  • Make sure your builders are aware of the many available EPA-produced marketing resources, such as brochures and fact sheets.
  • Educate your builder clients about the different verification options for qualifying homes.
  • Assist your builders in developing co-branded ENERGY STAR advertising, point of purchase, and other marketing initiatives.
  • Provide technical training to your builders' contractors, sub-contractors, and sales staff.
  • Help builders resolve and explain consumer complaints.

Indoor airPLUS

EPA has developed specifications to recognize homes equipped with a comprehensive set of indoor air quality measures. Homes that comply with these specifications can use the EPA Indoor airPLUS.

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