Step 1: Become a RESNET-Certified Home Energy Rater and Complete the ENERGY STAR Version 3 Rater Training

Home Energy Raters who want to participate in the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program are required to become certified by RESNET as well as complete the ENERGY STAR Version 3 Rater Training. Professionals who become Home Energy Raters can do rating work exclusively or add home energy ratings to an existing business such as insulation, HVAC, or windows. The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Exit ENERGY STAR sets standards for certification of raters. On the RESNET Web site, you can learn about training opportunities on building science, weatherization, use of blower door and duct leakage equipment, onsite inspection procedures, and energy rating software. RESNET also provides details on ordering equipment.

RESNET also accredits Providers, who oversee the quality assurance and quality control of Home Energy Raters. In addition, Providers distribute ENERGY STAR labels for certified homes (view guidance on labeling) and submit quarterly reports to EPA that list the number of completed homes meeting the ENERGY STAR guidelines. Generally, a Rater will pay a small fee per home tested to his or her Provider for these quality control/quality assurance services. Verification of a home's energy efficiency by a third-party organization is mandatory for earning the ENERGY STAR label.

In addition to becoming a RESNET-certified, Raters must also complete the ENERGY STAR Version 3 Rater Training through an Accredited Training Provider Exit ENERGY STAR. Effective January 1, 2012, new raters must complete this training to become partners. Raters who joined prior to 2012 must have completed the training by December 31, 2011 to have remained ENERGY STAR partners.

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