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Guidance on Labeling ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

ENERGY STAR labelUsing the ENERGY STAR label

ENERGY STAR distributes blank self-adhesive ENERGY STAR label stock only to RESNET-Accredited Providers who have signed an ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement and to manufactured housing Quality Assurance Providers (QAPs).

Providers and QAPs are fully responsible for the proper use of the ENERGY STAR label and can choose to centralize the printing of labels in their operation or distribute the label stock to certified raters and plants operating under their system.

Obtaining more labels

Manufactured housing Quality Assurance Providers can order the ENERGY STAR label and the MHRA Quality Assured Label online at the Manufactured Housing Research Alliance (MHRA) Exit ENERGY STAR.

Printing information on the labels

There are three ways to print information on ENERGY STAR labels:

  • EPA has developed a Microsoft Excel-based tool that allows your office printer to print home information directly onto an ENERGY STAR label.
  • Some rating software packages will print information onto the ENERGY STAR label.
  • Providers and raters may also choose to hand-write the information on the label in lieu of using a printing tool.

Posting (affix) the label

EPA recommends that the home energy rater affix the label to the home’s breaker box. If this is not possible, the Provider and builder may exercise their discretion in the placement of the label. The ENERGY STAR label is not weather-proof and should not be posted in a location that is exposed to the elements. The label must not be placed in a manner that may imply a particular product (such as windows, air conditioners, or thermostats) meets ENERGY STAR labeling requirements.

Issuing ENERGY STAR Certificates

All ENERGY STAR Certified Homes must receive a certificate. Verification organizations must print an ENERGY STAR certificate for each certified home and provide it to the builder who in turn should present it to the homebuyer. Certificates can be printed in two ways: using the printing tool developed by EPA or through approved rating software. The printing tool allows the Verifier to print certificates with or without Energy Rating Index scores. The most recent version of the certificate must be utilized – please reference the label printing tool to view the most recent certificate.

Verifiers can download the printing tool through their My ENERGY STAR Accounts.