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New Developments: Learn about and comment on improvements currently under consideration for the ENERGY STAR Qualified HVAC Installation Program.

HVAC performance is critical to delivering efficiency, comfort, and durability. That's why HVAC systems in ENERGY STAR certified homes are designed and installed according to industry best-practice standards by expert contractors.

HVAC designers are crucial to the process of delivering a right-sized HVAC system that both saves energy and delivers comfort.

And only contractors who hold EPA-recognized credentials can complete parts of the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes HVAC requirements. HVAC credentialing makes it easy for builders to identify contractors with the capabilities to help them build ENERGY STAR certified homes, for contractors to market best-practice services, and for consumers to be confident in the comfort and performance of their new ENERGY STAR certified homes.

Looking for HVAC Resources to Get Started with ENERGY STAR Certified Homes?

Visit one of the links below to learn about the basics of the credentialing process, how to find a credentialed HVAC contractor, and the requirements and resources for HVAC designers and HVAC contractors working on ENERGY STAR certified homes.