Notification: Revision 08 of the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program requirements is now available and can be used immediately by partners. The ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement Terms and Commitments have also been updated and apply to all Builder and Rater partners.

ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package

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Advanced Lighting Package Declaration

ENERGY STAR has just launched a new valuable marketing tool for builders — the Advanced Lighting Package Declaration. This document is customizable with the builder's and utilities logos and illustrates the savings that the homeowner will gain as a result of their home's Advanced Lighting Package installation.

Marketing Benefits of the Advanced Lighting Package Declaration

  • Designed to be provided to every homeowner to illustrate the energy and monetary savings they will achieve by having the Advanced Lighting Package installed.
  • Provides a tangible record of the home's energy savings due to the Advanced Lighting Package.
  • Can be included in the welcome packet of documentation that is distributed at each home's closing.
  • Can be posted as information in a community's model home.
  • Below please find an example of the Advanced Lighting Package Declaration. You may also download the example here PDF (144KB).

ALP Declaration Form example

To receive an Advanced Lighting Package Declaration, home builders should send a request to or download and complete the simple form Excel. Once this form has been returned, builders will receive a customized PDF of the Advanced Lighting Package Declaration for each installation.