Notification: Revision 08 of the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program requirements is now available and can be used immediately by partners. The ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement Terms and Commitments have also been updated and apply to all Builder and Rater partners.

ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package

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Examples of ENERGY STAR Qualified Fixtures

What is an ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package (ALP)?

An ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package is a construction option that can be offered by homebuilders to upgrade light fixtures and ceiling fans commonly used in the home with ENERGY STAR qualified models.

The Advanced Lighting Package designation can apply to lighting packages that consist of a minimum of 60% ENERGY STAR qualified hard-wired fixtures and 100% ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans where installed. ENERGY STAR qualified recessed downlights, ceiling fan light kits and ventilation fans with lighting can be counted toward the fixture requirement.

In addition, the Advanced Lighting Package complements the ENERGY STAR label for new homes by identifying homes equipped with a comprehensive set of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.

ALP pie chart

However, an Advanced Lighting Package is much more than a designation. It is...

  1. A marketing platform to differentiate yourself from your competition.
  2. An assurance to homebuyers that their new home uses the latest in energy-efficient lighting technologies to improve energy performance and lower monthly costs.
  3. A lighting package option that replaces inefficient light fixtures with ENERGY STAR qualified models.

Business Benefits of the Advanced Lighting Package

  • Increased revenue: Built-in energy-saving features can increase revenue on every home. Savings from ENERGY STAR qualified lighting will reduce the monthly costs of ownership for your buyers.
  • Market Differentiation: Partnering with ENERGY STAR distinguishes builders as leaders in efficient construction and environmental stewardship, providing valuable recognition and market advantage. Consumers increasingly recognize and choose ENERGY STAR.
  • Design Flexibility: There are thousands of ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures to choose from. They are available in many styles and finishes and are suitable for every application in the home. The Advanced Lighting Package requirements are designed to promote flexibility in fixture selections throughout the home.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The energy efficiency, selection, and quality of ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures translate into impressive value and comfort for your customers. In addition, America's consumers are increasingly seeking ways to save energy and reduce their "carbon footprint."

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