Water Coolers Specification

The Version 1.2 ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Water Coolers (formerly Bottled Water Coolers) were finalized on January 20, 2010. As such, the comment period is now closed. These new specifications went into effect on January 22, 2010. Partners and other interested parties with questions may contact Steve Ryan, EPA, at Ryan.Steven@epa.gov.

Final Version 1.2 Water Coolers Specification

Draft 1 Version 1.2 Specification for Water Coolers — December 16, 2009

Stakeholder Comments on Version 1.1 ENERGY STAR Water Cooler Specification Revision

Water Cooler manufacturers and other interested parties have been encouraged to submit written comments on the Version 1.1 ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Water Coolers. To date, EPA has been given permission to post the following comments. Please note that these do not comprise all of the comments received by EPA, only those EPA has received permission to post.

Specification Revision Launch


More information about ENERGY STAR past efforts with water coolers.