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Product Development Archives

Each Web page linked includes information on the development history, including: draft specifications, stakeholder comments, EPA presentations and meeting notes, data analyses, and EPA decision memos. Once a new specification becomes effective all information pertaining to the development of that specification is moved to this archive.


Clothes Dryers V1.0
Clothes Washers V4.0
Clothes Washers V5.0
Clothes Washers V6.0
Clothes Washers V8.0
Commercial Clothes Washers Version 6.0
Dehumidifiers V2.0
Dehumidifiers V3.0
Dishwashers V3.0
Dishwashers V4.0
Dishwashers V5.0
Refrigerators & Freezers V4.0
Refrigerators & Freezers V5.0
Room Air Cleaners
Room Air Conditioners V2.0

Heating and Cooling

Air-Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)
Central Air Conditioners (CACs)
Dehumidifiers V2.0
Dehumidifiers V3.0
Furnaces – V3.0 and V4.0
Furnaces – V2.0
Geothermal Heat Pumps – V3.0
Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilators
Light Commercial HVAC – V2.2
Light Commercial HVAC – V2.0
Light Commercial HVAC – V3.0
Room Air Conditioners V2.0
Ventilating Fans V2.0
Ventilating Fans V3.0

Water Heaters

Gas Condensing
Heat Pump
High-Efficiency Gas Storage
Whole-Home Gas Tankless

Home Envelope

Roof Products – V1.0
Roof Products – V2.0
Windows, Doors, and Skylights

Home Electronics

Audio/Video – V1.0
Audio/Video – V2.0
Audio/Video – V3.0
Battery Chargers
Cordless Phones
Digital Television Adapters (DTAs)
Set-top Boxes – Service Providers V1.0 and V2.0
Set-top Boxes V3.0 and V4.0
Set-top Boxes V5.0
Small Network Equipment V1.0
Telephony V2.0
Telephony V3.0
Televisions – V3.0
Televisions – V4.0 and 5.0
Televisions – V5.3
Televisions – V6.0
Televisions – V7.0
Televisions – V8.0
TVs, VCRs, and TV/VCR/DVD Combination Units

Office Equipment

Computer Specification – V4.0
Computer Specification – V5.0
Computer Specification – V6.0
Computers – V6.1
Displays – V4.0
Displays – V5.0
Displays – V6.0
Displays – V7.0
Imaging Equipment – V1.0 (copiers, fax machines, digital duplicators, mailing machines, printers, scanners, and all-in-one devices)
Imaging Equipment – V1.1 (copiers, fax machines, digital duplicators, mailing machines, printers, scanners, and all-in-one devices)
Imaging Equipment – V2.0 (copiers, fax machines, digital duplicators, mailing machines, printers, scanners, and all-in-one devices)


Ceiling Fans V3.0
Ceiling Fans V2.0
Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) – V4.0
Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) – V3.0
Decorative Light Strings
Exit Signs – V3.0
Integral LED Lamps

Commercial Food Service

Commercial Dishwashers – V1.1
Commercial Dishwashers – V2.0
Commercial Fryers – V1.0
Commercial Fryers – V2.0
Commercial Griddles
Commercial Hot Food Holding Cabinets – V2.0
Commercial Hot Food Holding Cabinets – V1.0
Commercial Ice Makers – V1.0
Commercial Ice Makers – V2.0
Automatic Commercial Ice Makers – V3.0
Commercial Ovens
Commercial Ovens – V2.0
Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers – V3.0
Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers – V2.0
Commercial Solid Door Refrigerator and Freezers – V1.0
Commercial Steam Cookers – V1.0


Data Center Storage – V1.0
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment – V1.0
Enterprise Servers
Pool Pumps Version V1.0
Roof Products – V1.0
Roof Products – V2.0
Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines – V1.0
Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines – V2.0
Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines – V3.0
Uninterruptible Power Supplies – V1.0
Uninterruptible Power Supplies – V2.0
Water Coolers – V1.1
Water Coolers – V1.2
Water Coolers – V1.3
Water Coolers – V2.0

Suspended ENERGY STAR Specifications

External Power Supplies (Suspended December 31, 2010)
Exit Signs (Suspended May 1, 2008)
Programmable Thermostats
Residential Light Fixtures (Suspended March 31, 2012)
Solid-State Luminaires (Suspended March 31, 2012)
Traffic Signals (Suspended May 1, 2007)
Transformers (Suspended May 1, 2007)

Product Development that did not result in an ENERGY STAR specification

Pre-rinse Spray Valves
Pre-rinse Spray Valves (2009)
Commercial Signs: EPA Decision Memo, July 2005 PDF (27KB)

Other Product Development Programmatic Documents

January 25, 2012 Draft ENERGY STAR Strategic Vision and Guiding Principles PDF (142KB)
January 25, 2012 EPA Cover Letter PDF (81KB)
May 6, 2003 ENERGY STAR Guiding Principles PDF (68KB)