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Air-Source Heat Pumps and Central Air Conditioners Purchasing & Procurement

What ENERGY STAR Purchasing & Procurement resources does EPA offer?

ENERGY STAR Purchasing & Procurement resources include lists of qualifying products, key product criteria, drop-in procurement language and savings calculators. Organizations can use these resources to facilitate the procurement of energy-efficient ENERGY STAR products and prevent greenhouse gas emissions.

Sample Procurement Language

The following is an example of language you may wish to require in your upcoming contract:

The Vendor Must:
Provide central air-conditioning units and air-source heat pumps that meet the ENERGY STAR specifications for energy efficiency as outlined below and that have earned the ENERGY STAR. The vendor shall ensure that any ductwork installed with this product is sealed with permanent leak reduction technologies and that any thermostats or controls installed with the equipment is designed for use with such equipment (e.g., heat pump thermostats shall be installed with heat pumps). The vendor is encouraged to visit www.energystar.gov for complete product specifications and an updated list of qualifying products.

Product Type Current Criteria
(for heat pumps only)
Split Systems ≥ 14.5 ≥ 12 ≥ 8.2
Single Package Equipment (including gas/electric package units) ≥ 14 ≥ 11 ≥ 8

Additional considerations for the procurement official:

Request that the vendor ensure:

  • the unit is properly sized and installed to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency using industry accepted sizing protocols such as ACCA's Manual J;
  • contractors are well trained in the proper installation of air-source heat pumps and central air-conditioners.