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Take a look inside to find dozens of new communications materials! From brochures to posters to news releases to fact sheets, the new ENERGY STAR Challenge Toolkit has it all!

Instructions for printing, editing, and co-branding Toolkit materials PDF (54KB)

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The ENERGY STAR Challenge Brochure — Folded Version PDF (4.31MB)

The ENERGY STAR Challenge Brochure — Two-Page Version PDF (854KB)

Use the folded version of the brochure for a more compact, easy-to-read introduction to the Challenge, or select the two-page version for an easy-to-print alternative.

Quick Lists of ENERGY STAR Resources

Help improve energy efficiency in commercial and industrial buildings as well as at home.

Create a Challenge Team

Offers ideas on who can help create an organized effort in your building, town, school, or company to improve energy efficiency.

Learn More

Did You Know?

Provides a summary of key points and information about energy efficiency and the ENERGY STAR Challenge

Fast Facts

Provides useful statistics to help understand the important role commercial and industrial buildings play in global climate change.

Working with Different Groups in the Community

Offers a series of fact sheets that provide information on energy use, energy efficiency opportunities, partnership possibilities, and key leverage points for major groups.

Bring Your Green to Work

By making many of the same green choices at work that you make at home, you can help save energy and fight global warming. Follow these 5 simple steps.


Describes the different levels and benefits of participation with ENERGY STAR, beginning with the ENERGY STAR Challenge and moving beyond to Partner, earning the ENERGY STAR label for commercial and industrial buildings, Leader, and then the pinnacle — Partner of the Year.

Spread the Word

Ready-to-Use Materials from EPA


Help tell the story of the important role commercial and industrial buildings play in the fight against climate change and how we can all do our part.


Communicate energy efficiency messages and provide information on how to get involved.

ENERGY STAR Co-Brandable Print Advertisement PDF (7.45MB)

Associations and government groups may add their logo to this advertisement to promote the Challenge in print publications.


Spread the message about the ENERGY STAR Challenge online.

ENERGY STAR Public Service Advertisements


ENERGY STAR Publications

Find a comprehensive catalogue of brochures, posters, and other materials provided by ENERGY STAR that you can order or download.

Ideas and Samples to Help You Spread the Word