Dear ENERGY STAR Partners,

It is time to start planning for Earth Day. As always, this national celebration of our support for a healthy environment presents a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about ENERGY STAR. Demonstrating your organization's commitment to making a difference this Earth Day is easy when you help your customers, your employees, or your broader audience save energy, save money, and protect the climate with ENERGY STAR.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is making a number of resources available for your use as you plan your outreach. You can find all these resources under 
Earth Day Outreach Ideas on our marketing materials page.


ImageSharing the Light the Moment Video: The center-piece of our offerings is the Light the Moment video. Well-suited for Earth Day, this video features an inspiring message connecting ENERGY STAR certified lighting to life's special moments. To date, the response to this video has been tremendous with more than 350,000 views since its release last fall. EPA has plans to heavily promote the video on social media, and we ask you to join in by sharing and retweeting our posts.

We also have a Light the Moment Event Kit to help you engage consumers at retail or other events, filled with fun activities leveraging social media. 


Other Social Media: In addition to Light the Moment, EPA ENERGY STAR has other sample social media messages, including Flip Your Fridge and general Earth Day messages for you to share in celebration with us.


ImageThe ENERGY STAR Pledge: More than 3.3 million people have taken the ENERGY STAR pledge to save energy, and it is an Earth Day favorite for many of our partners each and every year. Use the ENERGY STAR pledge to help show your customers and employees how changes big and small can make a huge difference in saving energy and protecting the climate. If you are already a pledge driver, keep up the good work educating your audiences about the environmental benefits of saving energy. If you are interested in becoming a pledge driver, signing up is easy through the My ENERGY STAR sign-up feature.

Hosting an event for Earth Day? Download and print the ENERGY STAR Paper Pledge to bring the pledge to your events. We have an Earth Day Kids Pledge just for kids, too!


ImageWays to Save Tips Web Service: Help your website visitors learn even more about saving energy this Earth Day by leveraging the ENERGY STAR Ways to Save Tips web service. The service provides subscribers an ongoing stream of ENERGY STAR branded, energy-saving tips that automatically refresh with each visit to your website. Tips can be customized to highlight select product categories. Not only is this automated service kept up-to-date by EPA, requiring no maintenance on your part, its fresh and frequent content supports search engine optimization, increasing overall traffic to your site with engaging consumer content.


Lorax Activity Book: If you are hosting Earth Day events where there are kids, the ENERGY STAR Lorax Activity Book is perfect. Easy to download and print, the activity book leverages themes from the Lorax to educate kids about the environmental benefits of saving energy, while they are having fun.

Once again, you can find all these materials under Earth Day Outreach Ideas on our marketing materials page. Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for joining us in celebrating Earth Day with ENERGY STAR!

The ENERGY STAR Communications Team
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