ENERGY STAR @ home — Usage Disclaimer

The ENERGY STAR @ home graphic is subject to the rights and limitations negotiated for the use of the illustrations:

In no circumstances may the illustration be used in conjunction with or for defamatory, obscene, fraudulent, libelous, infringing, immoral or illegal purposes, in proximity to any illustration that creates a negative comparison, or in any way that criticizes or disparages the illustrations.

EPA encourages supporters of the ENERGY STAR program to use, reproduce, copy, display and/or distribute the illustration. You and [your organization and your client] are liable for any failure to adhere to the above guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding whether your use of the illustration is within the negotiated terms of use, please contact Sarah Duffy at prior to disseminating any material containing the illustrations so that we may provide guidance.

Please forward a copy of all finished/final materials incorporating ENERGY STAR @ home illustrations to Sarah Duffy at so we can accurately track and credit your support.