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July 2012
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Congratulations to the PG&E FSTC on its 25th Anniversary!

FSTC 25th anniversary logoEPA would like to congratulate the Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) on its 25 year anniversary. The FSTC has been a true leader in promoting energy efficiency and providing expert knowledge to the CFS industry for the past quarter century, and is also a dedicated ENERGY STAR partner. The Center is a key resource for food service industry stakeholders from manufacturers to dealers, designers, utilities, and commercial kitchen operators across all restaurant segments. Don Fisher, David Zabrowski, Todd Bell, and Richard Young routinely host education sessions and travel the country to speak with and educate industry stakeholders. Richard recently served as a panelist on a webcast titled, "ENERGY STAR and LEED in Foodservice Operations," as noted in the article below. The Center's website,, is also a major reference point for all things relating to food service energy and water efficiency.

FSTC's Director of Education, Richard Young, explains, "After two decades of concentrated effort, we've created an impressive technical database for the foodservice industry. We now have the foundation in place and it's time to move energy efficiency from 'best practice' to 'standard practice.'"

FSTC team

The PG&E FSTC Team in San Ramon, CA

To celebrate the first 25 years and launch the Center into the next 25, the FSTC is holding an event titled "Silver & Beyond: the FSTC defines the Kitchen of the Future" from August 1-3, 2012 in San Ramon, CA. The symposium includes presentations by FSTC engineers on topics such as "Cooking Equipment: The Story of Energy Efficiency in the Hot Zone" and "Refrigeration: Technologies and Strategies Driving Efficiency in the Cold Zone." Speakers will include the FSTC's Don Fisher, David Zabrowski, Vern Smith, Amin Delagah, Richard Young, and Todd Bell. The symposium sessions will be fast-paced and interactive, offering attendees the opportunity to engage with industry experts, learn about emerging technologies, and provide feedback to the FSTC research team.

For more information on the symposium, including registration and costs, please contact Janel Rupp at

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Partner Spotlight: American Energy Restaurant Equipment

American Energy LogoAmerican Energy Restaurant Equipment, an ENERGY STAR CFS dealer and retail partner based in northern Virginia, is committed to raising awareness about energy-efficient solutions that meet client demands. American Energy boasts a diverse inventory of both new and used equipment with 20,000 square feet of warehouse space packed with merchandise. The company is the 57th largest food service equipment distributor in the U.S. and a member of the PRIDE Marketing & Procurement buying group, an active ENERGY STAR partner.

According to the National Restaurant Association's 2012 Restaurant Industry Forecast, there is a growing demand for energy-saving equipment across all restaurant segments, and over 70 percent of casual-dining and fast-casual operators plan to invest in this equipment in 2012. Additionally, over 40 percent of adults say they are likely to make a restaurant choice based on an operation's conservation practices. American Energy is working diligently to leverage this growing trend by offering energy-efficient equipment for their existing and potential customers. Serving the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area, American Energy launched a sales blitz earlier this year to showcase its products that have earned the ENERGY STAR and to raise awareness about energy-efficient practices that will help restaurant operators in their service territory save energy. The company distributed the ENERGY STAR Guide for Restaurants along with co-branded fact sheets that highlight ENERGY STAR qualified equipment offerings.

Last month, American Energy invited Natalie Chadwick, consultant in support of ENERGY STAR, to present an update on the ENERGY STAR program at its monthly sales meeting. The presentation covered estimated energy, water, and dollar savings across the eight eligible CFS product categories; updates on expanding product categories; and tips on selling ENERGY STAR qualified products, from eligible rebate offerings to enhanced product benefits. Following the presentation, American Energy plans to increase coordination with utilities in its sales territory (primarily Baltimore Gas & Electric which offers a wide range of rebates for ENERGY STAR CFS equipment). This will allow the sales team to identify added cost savings for their customers. Additionally, American Energy is working to develop an energy savings audit service to provide guidance for their customers on how they can achieve energy savings by taking a few simple actions. As Kathleen Andrews, Vice President, explains, "Our Energy Savings Audit allows American Energy to work hand-in-hand with its customers to improve their energy efficiencies and bottom-line."

For more information about American Energy Restaurant Equipment, visit

EPA welcomes the opportunity to provide educational seminars for dealers, distributors, and sales representatives. If you are interested in scheduling a seminar, please contact Natalie Chadwick (

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Product Spotlight: Refrigerators & Freezers

Refrigeration equipment is a significant energy user, averaging 6 percent of the total energy breakdown in a full-service restaurant according to PG&E's FSTC. ENERGY STAR qualified commercial refrigerators and freezers are approximately 30 percent more efficient than standard models which means that an ENERGY STAR qualified commercial refrigerator or freezer model could save your company $60 to $270 annually, and could even save you $2,600 over the lifetime of a qualified freezer (approximately 12 years). Qualified models feature high-quality components that not only reduce energy consumption but also provide additional product benefits, such as uniform cabinet temperatures and reduced heat output from efficient compressor motors. To view more product-specific benefits and the savings potential for commercial refrigeration equipment, download the product fact sheet here.

The ENERGY STAR Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer specification covers a wide array of solid, glass, and mixed solid/glass door product types, including reach-in, roll-in, or pass-through units; merchandisers; undercounter units; milk coolers; bottle coolers; and beer-dispensing units. The ENERGY STAR commercial refrigeration qualified product list boasts over 900 models from approximately 40 unique ENERGY STAR manufacturers—providing a wide variety of energy-efficient products for restaurant and commercial kitchen operators to choose from.

EPA is interested in hearing from operators that specify ENERGY STAR qualified commercial refrigerators and freezers for their restaurant purchasing decisions. EPA welcomes operators to contact to share the benefits of the equipment and tell how it has improved your kitchen's energy efficiency.

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Congratulations 2012 Kitchen Innovation Winners

Kitchen Innovation logoEPA would like to congratulate the following ENERGY STAR CFS partners that were named Kitchen Innovation Winners at this year's NRA Show:
Alto-Shaam, Ecolab, Frymaster, Garland Group, Lang Manufacturing, Vulcan-Hart Company, and Wells Mfg.

The Kitchen Innovations Award recognizes advanced, up-and-coming products that improve quality, productivity, service, and sustainability for operators. Award winners were showcased at the 2012 NRA Show and were selected by an independent panel of industry experts. As noted by Jack Crawford, NRA Show 2012 Convention Chair, "These truly groundbreaking products will have a substantial impact on the efficiency and success of restaurant kitchens, as well as the profitability of the restaurant itself."

For more information about the Kitchen Innovations Awards, visit:

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Look for the next Commercial Food Service Newsletter in October!





NRA Show 2012

NRA Show 2012 logoIn May 2012, members of the ENERGY STAR Commercial Food Service (CFS) team attended the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2012, held from May 5-8 in Chicago, IL. Una Song and Christopher Kent, program managers from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) attended this year's show, along with additional team members supporting marketing and specification revision efforts. The ENERGY STAR team visited and held in-depth conversations with partners on the showroom floor. EPA also provided educational materials and resources via the NRA's Conserve Solutions Center.

Conserve booth

NRA's Conserve Solutions Center

EPA would like to thank all partners for their ENERGY STAR marketing and promotional efforts during the show. EPA also appreciates partners' efforts to incorporate the Anniversary marks into promotions throughout the year (through December 31, 2012). Tips on using the Anniversary logos can be accessed at

In conjunction with the show, a stakeholder meeting to discuss the specification revision effort for commercial ovens was held on May 7, 2012. For more information on the specification development process for commercial ovens, see the Product Development Update article below. EPA thanks all stakeholders that attended and provided feedback. For additional information about the specification revision, please visit

Additionally, PG&E's FSTC led a valuable education session titled, "Lighting Up Your Bottom Line: LED Lighting for Maximum Return and Performance" to discuss the latest in energy-efficient lighting. The complete presentation is posted at For more information about energy-efficient lighting for restaurant operations, see the "ENERGY STAR Lighting Options for Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens" resource at

EPA looks forward to continued partner engagement throughout the remainder of the year and to meeting with many partners in person again at the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) Show in Orlando, FL next February.

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FE&S Webcast: ENERGY STAR and LEED in Food Service

FE&S logoOn June 26, 2012, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies (FE&S) magazine held a webcast titled, "What Foodservice Professionals Need to Know about ENERGY STAR and LEED," featuring Tarah Schroeder, Director of Sustainability at Ricca Newmark Design, and Richard Young, Senior Engineer at PG&E's FSTC – along with Joe Carbonara, Editor in Chief of FE&S Magazine.

Panelist Photos

The webinar aimed to help food service professionals better understand the current state of the ENERGY STAR CFS program and the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC's) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. The webcast reviewed these programs to help outline what food service operators and their supply chain partners need to know as they work together to help the restaurant industry lessen its impact on the environment and lower operating costs while maintaining or enhancing customer service levels.

The full presentation is available on the FE&S website at (or find it here).

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NAFEM’s Sustainability Calculator

NAFEM logo
In early 2011, the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) launched the NAFEM Sustainability Calculator for Foodservice Equipment which provides a standard way for manufacturers to measure and report the environmental impact of their products during the manufacturing and use phases of the equipment. The tool also looks at packaging and disposal factors. Manufacturers can use the tool to communicate information related to the environmental impact of their food service equipment.

The calculator was developed by members from the NAFEM Technical Liaison Committee and the ASTM F26 committee on food service equipment standards. The members of these committees include manufacturers, certification agencies, utilities, and end-users. After two years of discussion, review, and refinement, the final calculator was approved as an ASTM standard in 2011. The Excel-based tool is available free of charge via the NAFEM website and the full ASTM standard, number F2916-11, is available for purchase on the ASTM website.

To use the calculator manufacturers score their products against specific environmental criteria for each of the four main areas of focus: the manufacturing phase, packaging, use phase, and disposal. Some of the factors covered by the calculator include:

  • Material utilization and recycled material (manufacturing phase)
  • Recycled packaging content and rapidly renewable or sustainable packaging content (packaging)
  • ENERGY STAR certification (if applicable) and water consumption (use phase)
  • Hazardous material use (disposal)

Once the calculation is complete, a product's composite score is summarized in the first page of the spreadsheet. Manufacturers can share the full spreadsheet or the summary page with customers, food service designers, and consultants to support project sustainability certifications, such as the USGBC's LEED certification. Mark Gilpatric, Hatco's Manager of Engineering Projects and member of NAFEM, states, "We hope equipment specifiers will find the information from the Sustainability Calculator helpful in their efforts to design green equipment into their projects. Manufacturers should find this tool to be a convenient way to get the message out about the green characteristics of their products."

For more information on NAFEM and the NAFEM Sustainability Calculator for Foodservice Equipment, visit:

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Product Development Update

EPA recently finalized revisions to the ENERGY STAR specifications for commercial ice makers and commercial dishwashers and is continuing to work with industry stakeholders to revise the commercial ovens specification. Detailed updates are provided below and more information can be found on the ENERGY STAR Product Development website at:

Commercial Ice Makers
The Version 2.0 Automatic Commercial Ice Makers specification was finalized on May 4, 2012 and will take effect on February 1, 2013. The Version 2.0 specification was expanded to cover air-cooled continuous-type ice makers, which includes flake and nugget machines. Manufacturers may currently certify models under Version 2.0, but models already qualified under the Version 1.1 specification are not required to meet the revised performance levels until February 2013. Starting October 1, 2012, manufacturers will no longer be able to certify new products to the current Version 1.1 specification.

Commercial Dishwashers
EPA released the Final ENERGY STAR Test Method for Commercial Dishwashers on May 30, 2012 and the Final Version 2.0 specification on June 25, 2012. Under this revised specification, flight type conveyor machines are immediately eligible for qualification. Effective February 1, 2013, all dishwashers must be third-party certified to the Version 2.0 specification (which includes more stringent performance levels for several product types) to remain qualified. Starting October 1, 2012, manufacturers will no longer be able to certify new products to the current Version 1.2 specification.

Commercial Ovens
EPA is continuing to revise the ENERGY STAR specification for commercial ovens. Once finalized, the new Version 2.0 specification will include combination ovens, as well as more stringent convection oven performance levels. EPA is continuing to assemble a more robust energy performance dataset based on stakeholder submissions and plans to release a Draft 2 in early July, followed by a Final Draft in early fall 2012. Combination ovens will be immediately eligible for qualification once the final specification is released.

Stakeholder questions can be directed to Christopher Kent, EPA, at (202) 343-9046 or or Rebecca Duff, ICF International, at (434) 202-7875 or

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CFS Incentive Guide Updates

It is time again to update the ENERGY STAR CFS Incentive Guide and EPA has asked all utilities offering rebates for commercial kitchen equipment to provide their updated program information.

The CFS Incentive Guide provides a description of the various incentives, utility contact information, and other useful marketing information for many utilities in the U.S. The guide is not limited to ENERGY STAR categories, but also highlights CFS incentives that are useful for CFS distributors, retailers, and manufacturers that wish to promote energy efficiency in the restaurant industry. Last year, EPA was able to highlight approximately 65 different utilities and hopes to increase participation this year.

For more information, or if you did not receive the submission request (sent on June 28, 2012), please contact or your ENERGY STAR Account Manager.

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