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January 2013
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Product Finder Tool

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching a new product finder system to provide consumers, ENERGY STAR partners, and other stakeholders with an easily-accessible and user-friendly product search tool. The tool will provide advanced search capabilities, allowing users to find and compare ENERGY STAR certified products based on energy use and other attributes.

The new product finder tool has a basic search function which allows users to filter products on the qualified product lists (QPLs) based on key attributes such as product type, brand, and size. More advanced users can access detailed datasets and take advantage of the advanced export and filter options suited to their needs.

EPA plans to have the new product finder up and running for all product categories by mid-2013.
The new tool will make ENERGY STAR data easier to access and use. Product details can still be displayed in the downloadable Excel file version.

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Product Spotlight:
Commercial Griddles

As with most ENERGY STAR certified Commercial Food Service (CFS) equipment, the stana griddledard gas or electric commercial griddle is energy intensive. ENERGY STAR certified commercial griddles can reduce your energy use by 10 percent or more.

The griddle is considered the “work horse” of the kitchen. A versatile piece of equipment, a griddle is typically used throughout the day from frying eggs and bacon in the morning to grilling steaks at night. Many standard models are equipped with manual or modulating controls, which often remain on throughout the course of the day. In 2009, EPA set out to identify griddles that use energy more efficiently by developing an ENERGY STAR specification for griddles.

All ENERGY STAR certified griddles have thermostatic controls accompanied with strategically placed temperature sensors. Thermostatic controls reduce temperature fluctuations, thus improving temperature control of the cooking surface and allowing the griddle to be more responsive to the introduction of uncooked or frozen food loads. These temperature control designs reduce cook and recovery times resulting in greater efficiency, higher production capacities, and offering the operator significant energy savings.

Other approaches to reduce griddle energy consumption include the use of highly conductive or reflective plate material and sub-griddle insulation on electric griddles. Some gas griddle manufacturers incorporate high-efficiency technologies such as infrared burners and steam. ENERGY STAR certified models can help save approximately $110 and $190 in energy costs annually for gas and electric griddles, respectively.

Over the course of the product’s lifetime, approximately 12 years, operators could save up to $1,100 (gas models) and $1,800 (electric models). Often, there are also prescriptive incentives available through your local utility to help offset initial purchase costs. For more information on incentives, check out the CFS Incentive Finder on the commercial kitchen landing page under “buying guidance”.

As with most pieces of commercial cooking equipment, griddles are most efficient when cooking full loads, so be sure to maximize the cooking surface area whenever possible! Performance tests have shown substantial gains in cooking energy efficiency and production capacity while cooking heavy or full loads versus light or partial loads.

The current list of ENERGY STAR commercial griddles can be viewed at Learn more about the savings potential and benefits of ENERGY STAR certified griddles with the Commercial Griddles Fact Sheet and ENERGY STAR Training Center.

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Product Development Updates

EPA is currently working with industry stakeholders to revise two product specifications. Updates are provided below and more information can be found on the ENERGY STAR Product Development website at:

Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers
EPA launched the Version 3.0 Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer specification revision effort on October 26, 2012. The primary focus of this revision is to align elements of the ENERGY STAR specification with U. S. Department of Energy's (DOE) standards for commercial refrigeration equipment (e.g., test conditions, scope, and definitions). Given the high market penetration of ENERGY STAR models reported in 2011, EPA will also re-evaluate the current efficiency levels to ensure that ENERGY STAR continues to provide value to end-users. EPA anticipates releasing a first draft of the Version 3.0 specification in February 2013 and encourages stakeholder feedback and participation during the revision process.

Commercial Ovens
EPA continues to develop the Version 2.0 ENERGY STAR specification for Commercial Ovens, releasing a Draft 3 Version 2.0 specification on October 12, 2012. A Draft 4 of the Version 2.0 specification is scheduled for release in late January and ENERGY STAR representatives will be attending NAFEM to meet with stakeholders. Combination ovens, a new category for ENERGY STAR, will be immediately eligible for qualification once the final specification is published (scheduled for March or April 2013).

Stakeholder questions can be directed to Christopher Kent, EPA, at (202) 343-9046 or or Adam Spitz, ICF International, at (202) 862-1226 or

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NRA’s Operator Innovations Awards – Call for 2013 Sustainability Nominations

The National Restaurant Association’s (NRA’s) annual Operator Innovations Awards, in its second year, celebrates restaurant operators who are transforming the industry through innovation. NRA is now calling for applications across the awards’ five categories, including Sustainability.

The panel of judges will scrutinize, evaluate, and find the very best – then recognize them in front of the foodservice universe at the NRA Show 2013 in Chicago (from May 18-21, 2013). For recognition in the Sustainability category, the judges seek innovations that conserve resources, reduce waste, increase energy efficiency, support sustainable sourcing, and minimize environmental impact.

Commercial and non-commercial operators can self-nominate or be nominated by individuals throughout the industry – including manufacturers, dealers and distributors, media and other restaurant and foodservice industry professionals.

Have you done or seen something that deserves the spotlight? Nominate now at by the February 4, 2013 deadline.

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Important Updates to
Qualified Product Listings

Unit Shipment Data (USD) Collection Effort
As part of the ENERGY STAR Manufacturer Partnership Commitments, EPA collects shipment data on an annual basis to determine the market penetration of ENERGY STAR certified products. This year, EPA distributed USD collection forms to partners on January 7, 2013.

If your organization has not already submitted this data, please send completed forms to by March 1, 2013 to avoid partnership suspension. Partners that do not submit USD on time will be temporarily removed from the ENERGY STAR website. For more information, please visit

Ice Maker & Dishwasher QPL Updates
As of February 1, 2013, the ENERGY STAR QPLs for commercial ice makers and commercial dishwashers will be updated to reflect only those models that have been certified to Version 2.0 of the respective specification and submitted to EPA by an EPA-recognized certification body. As of February 1, 2013, manufacturers are expected to cease labeling of any new models that have not been certified to the Version 2.0 specifications.

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Partner Spotlight: Taylor Company

Taylor Company logo

Founded in 1926, Taylor Company is an industry leader, manufacturing CFS equipment that uses the latest technologies to ensure safety, energy efficiency, and product performance. Taylor is well known for its griddles and soft serve and frozen beverage machines and has been an active ENERGY STAR manufacturer partner for commercial griddles since the ENERGY STAR specification took effect in the summer of 2009.

Taylor Company’s Crown® series griddles are ENERGY STAR certified, and the company is actively involved in specification development efforts. According to Patricia Bennett, Sr. Director of Global Marketing at Taylor, “The ENERGY STAR partnership is a core part of Taylor’s commitment to innovative and energy-efficient design.”

Taylor Company is dedicated to technical training and innovative product development. The company trains thousands of professionals and conducts research and development for new technologies in its 25,000 square foot Taylor Technical Center which was built in 1997. Taylor’s Product Manager, Patti Kroening, is an active participant in multiple ASTM International committees which develop industry-recognized test methods designed to measure the performance and energy efficiency of food service equipment.

To learn more about Taylor Company, visit:

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Upcoming Events

Burton Energy logo
Webinar for Restaurant Operators

On January 30, 2013 from 2:30-3:30, Burton Energy Group will host Una Song, ENERGY STAR Program Manager; Gabriel Palmisciano, McDonald's USA's Energy Efficiency Manager; and Manitowoc's SVP of Marketing, Dean Landeche for a one-hour webinar to discuss how they partner to reduce energy use for their restaurants and their customers. If interested in attending, email us!

NAFEM Show 2013
Christopher Kent and Una Song, EPA, and additional ENERGY STAR team members will be attending the NAFEM Show 2013 from February 7-9, 2013 in Orlando, FL. ENERGY STAR representatives will also be attending the ASTM meetings held prior to the NAFEM Show, February 5-6, 2013.

NAFEM 2013 logo

EPA looks forward to visiting with ENERGY STAR partners throughout the show. EPA would also like to remind partners about the importance of protecting the ENERGY STAR brand as a valuable marketing tool. Signage and marketing materials at the trade shows and conferences should follow ENERGY STAR’s Brand Book at: Please contact for questions or to request a meeting at NAFEM.

Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Key Accounts Workshop
Representative(s) from the ENERGY STAR team will attend the next EEI Key Accounts Workshop from March 9-13, 2013 in Chicago, IL. ENERGY STAR representative(s) will engage with energy managers and other leaders in the food service industry who are working towards improved energy efficiency in their operations. Restaurateurs and Energy Efficiency Program Sponsor partners who wish to meet with ENERGY STAR during this time are encouraged to contact

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Reminder: Hobart’s Sustainability Grant Deadline Approaching

HCFS logoThe Hobart Center for Foodservice Sustainability (HCFS) continues to accept applications for its annual $5,000 grant until January 31, 2013. Now in its sixth year, the HCFS grant honors the best-executed food service sustainability project of the year and is designed to promote leadership in sustainability best-practices.

Organizations from K-12 and higher education programs to corporate dining, healthcare, lodging, casinos and restaurants are welcome to apply. Hobart encourages applicants to provide descriptions of specific foodservice equipment used to achieve sustainability goals, including whether the equipment is ENERGY STAR certified.

Phipps Conservatory image

Pictured above is the 2012 HCFS award winner, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Photo by Paul G. Wiegman.

The 2013 HCFS grant recipient will be announced at the NRA Show 2013. For more information, visit or

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