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April/May/June 2006
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PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Nuvo Lighting (a Division of Satco Products)

Since its inception in 1966, SATCO Products, a Brentwood, New York based company has established itself as a source for lighting and electrical related products. The company values being viewed as a one-stop shop for lighting needs. SATCO Products offers a full line of decorative, general service, fluorescent and energy saving light bulbs and has developed many product categories in addition to a full line of light bulbs. These programs include track lighting, portable lamps, outdoor security lighting, decorative ceiling fixtures, electrical accessories, lamp parts and replacement glassware. SATCO has been an ENERGY STAR partner for CFL bulbs since 2001, and in early 2006 the company expanded its partnership with ENERGY STAR to cover residential light fixtures as well.

In June 2006, SATCO introduced a new extensive line of lighting to meet the needs of today’s fixture market under the brand NUVO Lighting. NUVO’s introduction to the market included a 242 page full line catalog consisting of over 1,500 items. NUVO Lighting currently offers 112 ENERGY STAR qualified decorative ceiling and wall-mounted fixtures.

All the NUVO products are fully inventoried in SATCO’s new 350,000 square foot distribution center located just outside of Dallas, Texas. With the support of SATCO’s sales and distribution resources, NUVO is primed for the decorative fixture market.

As a result of the growing initiatives at the state level to mandate energy-efficient light sources; and a growing interest in ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures from builders, utilities, and regional partners, NUVO will be introducing an ENERGY STAR dedicated fixture catalog and plans to expand its ENERGY STAR product offering in the upcoming year with additional products.

For more information on SATCO Products and Nuvo Lighting, please visit

Pictured: Top, ENERGY STAR qualified NUVO Lighting Polaris chandelier; bottom right and left, ENERGY STAR qualified NUVO Lighting flush-mount fixtures.

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Partnership Pay off in the Midwest

Sea Gull Lighting, Ferguson, and Minnesota Power are partnering together to bring the ENERGY STAR message to consumers. This program has been successful because of the key partnerships formed between these three organizations, focused around one mission: selling energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR qualified lighting.

In this successful program, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery in Duluth, MN, has stocked and displayed ENERGY STAR qualified Sea Gull Lighting fixtures in-store. Ferguson is a full-service company that has provided a full-package to their builder customers for years, which includes air conditioners to plumbing supplies to lighting.

Sea Gull Lighting, an ENERGY STAR Residential Light Fixture Partner, also had a key role in this program. They attended Minnesota Power’s Energy Design Conference and Expo, the Duluth Home Show, and the Duluth Parade of Homes to support MN Power’s program and drive customers into Ferguson’s showroom. In addition, they trained sales staff in the technology and the designs of their product and developed a flyer to promote the product in local newspapers.

In order to drive sales, Minnesota Power is offering customers a $20 instant rebate on every ENERGY STAR qualified lighting fixture purchased at Ferguson from January 2006 through July 2006 and MN Power also was key in ensuring that the program information was received by their customers in their region via flyers and advertisements through the local newspapers as well as through their consumer shows.

Keys for Success:

  • Partnerships. Work with the local distributor(s) to ensure that stores are adequately stocked and have full displays. Customers that see the product, buy the product.
  • Advertising. Get the word out through: shows, newspapers, flyers and other media to reach customers in your backyard.
  • Rebates. Offer rebates for products; a little money helps in bringing down the initial costs and incents your customers to save over the life of the product.
  • Training. Train the salespeople on the new technology and design to successfully sell the product.

Pictured: Flyer developed to promote ENERGY STAR qualified products in local newspapers.

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GU-24 Adoption Continues to Grow

The GU-24 line voltage socket and corresponding GU-24 ballasts continue to gain market penetration at an impressive rate. At each trade show there are more products available, and more suppliers and fixture manufacturers are adopting this technology. The design simplicity, cost advantage, and ease of replacement are driving this growth and attracting some fixture manufacturers who have primarily focused on developing incandescent fixtures to look into this energy-efficient option. Major fixture manufacturers have adopted the GU-24 because they also prefer the smaller size for easy fixture design.

ANSI and UL are also working to classify the GU-24 socket as a device to be used by energy-efficient technologies. These efforts will help prevent the development of incandescent conversion kits or the use of GU-24 sockets with incandescent technology. The self-ballasted lamp with GU-24 base is also growing in popularity. The integrated GU-24 compact fluorescent reduces the size even further and fixture manufacturers have indicated this is a major benefit. EPA is also aware of self-driven LED GU-24 lamps being developed. While these are not yet able to qualify for ENERGY STAR, keep an eye out for this exciting new platform development.

Suppliers of GU-24 products have provided EPA lists of their current and in-development product lines. To receive this list please send an e-mail to Megan Hoye, ICF International, at

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ENERGY STAR Visual Catalog Update

The ENERGY STAR Visual Catalog is currently in the process of being updated with images of Version 4.0 qualified fixtures. The catalog is a visual representation of ENERGY STAR qualified selections for use in outreach to builders, showrooms, electrical distributors, big box DIYs, utility programs, and other purchasers of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting fixtures. It offers manufacturers an opportunity to showcase their ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures when requests are received by EPA from trade publications, utilities and other interested parties for pictures of decorative ENERGY STAR fixtures.

Thank you to manufacturers that have submitted fixture images already! If you have not taken advantage of this opportunity yet, please contact Priya Barua at

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ENERGY STAR Qualified Products Update

There were 1243 new ENERGY STAR fixtures qualified under Version 4.0 for the months of March, April, and May. This includes new ceiling-mount, wall-mount, suspended, and portable fixtures from American Fluorescent, Good Earth Lighting, Kichler, Lithonia, Maxlite, Simkar, and Westinghouse, among others. It also includes new torchiere fixtures from Maxlite, and outdoor fixtures from Kichler, Light Process Company, Progress, and Westinghouse. The months of March, April, and May were also a busy time for first-time qualifications to the ENERGY STAR Residential Light Fixtures program. Lighting by Branford, Satco, MegaLite, Capri Lighting, Interglobal, Ilsung Moolsan, L & C, and Sunset all qualified their first set of fixtures.

For additional details on the products mentioned above and all ENERGY STAR qualified residential light fixtures, view the Qualified Product List on the ENERGY STAR Web site by visiting, clicking on Products, and then on Residential Light Fixtures. This list is updated in the beginning of each month and the first page is dated to reference the most recent update.

ENERGY STAR Submittal Updates and Tips

On February 17th, 2006, EPA implemented changes to the format of the ENERGY STAR Residential Light Fixture (RLF) submission and review process (“SIR Process”). The new changes resulted in new forms available on the ENERGY STAR Web site. EPA suggests that manufacturing partners check the ENERGY STAR Web site for updated QPI/SIR forms each time they are working on a new submittal. This will ensure that both the SIR and QPI forms you use are in line with EPA requirements. Updates to these forms posted on the site will be to improve usability and will NOT involve changes to the RLF eligibility criteria for qualification. Please contact Evan Haines at with any questions.

ENERGY STAR Submittal Tip:
When referencing or attaching a Platform Letter of Qualification to an ENERGY STAR RLF submittal, please note any dates listed next to values in the “Test Results” column. These dates denote conditional approval of the data on that line. Before entering any of this data into a QPI, check with the component manufacturer to which the letter was addressed. They will be able to provide you with the most recent revision to the platform letter and answer any questions you have about their conditional platform approval.

Pictured: Snapshot of conditional approval date on Platform Letter of Qualification.

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2006 Change a Light, Change the World Campaign Update

Planning for the 2006 Change a Light, Change the World (CAL) Campaign is well underway! This year’s Campaign will build on successful components from previous campaigns and bring in some new elements!

Building on the efforts started in 2005, we will again encourage governors and state government to support the Campaign by issuing ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day proclamations and taking part in events. ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day, marked for the first time last year and proclaimed by 30 governors, 1 congressman, and a handful of mayors, served as a way to rally Americans around the campaign’s call-to-action. This year’s ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day falls on Wednesday, October 4th and is an excellent opportunity for participating organizations to launch in-store promotions, conduct media and consumer outreach activities, and better position themselves as socially responsible community members. Americans will continue to be encouraged to take the ENERGY STAR Change a Light Pledge at, committing to change at least one bulb or fixture at home to an ENERGY STAR qualified model. This year, more than 77,000 Americans have taken the ENERGY STAR pledge.

In addition to reaching out to governors and state governments, a host of community and member organizations will be encouraged to take the campaign’s simple call-to-action to their local communities this year. From congregations and schools to homeowner associations and local government leaders, we’ll be connecting with key community organizations to create a buzz about ENERGY STAR qualified lighting, and encouraging consumers to take the pledge. There will also be additional outreach to the Hispanic population.

One of the new elements to the Campaign this year is the Pledge Driver Program. By signing up as a Pledge Driver, you’ll be able to see how many people you are driving to take the pledge, the energy and environmental equivalent, and how others are doing as well. In addition, there is also a new activity registry on the CAL Partner Resources pages, built as a matchmaking resource to help partners, and interested organizations find other activities or groups in a local area to collaborate with, or ideas for further involvement. Consumers will also be able to access this registry to see all of the great things organizations are doing in support of the Campaign.

To view the latest campaign information and materials available, and to find out ways in which you can get involved in the Campaign, please visit:

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Duke Energy Torchiere Promotion

Duke Energy is interested in promoting ENERGY STAR qualified lighting torchieres in its Northern Kentucky service area. Duke Energy has a $10,000 incentive budget to promote qualified torchieres, and is interested in one-day torchiere turn-in events or ongoing in-store promotions. Duke is able to provide $20 instant rebates on up to five hundred torchieres for one-day turn-in events. In-store promotions must be coupon-based instant-rebate promotions where the retailer gives $20.00 off at point of sale and returns all completed coupons to Duke Energy to be reimbursed.

Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC) will print and deliver all coupons and point of sale materials. WECC will also train store personnel on the rebate process. WECC can also provide representatives to help staff turn-in events, including managing press releases and event coordination. The retailer’s responsibility is to stock and sell up to five hundred ENERGY STAR qualified torchieres using the Duke Energy $20.00 instant-rebate coupon.

There is no formal RFP for this opportunity. Details are located on the ENERGY STAR DIME Web site, Interested manufacturers and retailers can also direct questions to Karl Hilker, WECC at or (608) 249-9322.

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North Coast Electric Company Sees Success with ENERGY STAR

Through an aggressive, builder-direct sales strategy, North Coast Electric Company sold over ten thousand ENERGY STAR qualified products in 2005, which represented a 50% increase in unit sales and increased profits for the company due to the higher price points for ENERGY STAR qualified lighting. Promoting ENERGY STAR qualified lighting helped North Coast add more than five new builders as clients in that year and resulted in more than 1,000 homes being sold with ENERGY STAR fixture packages. North Coast was able to create affordable lighting packages that meet the ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package (ALP) by working with ENERGY STAR fixture manufacturers that they carried. With this success in mind, North Coast looks forward to continued growth of their company by creating more innovative ways to bring ENERGY STAR qualified products to their clients.

To learn more about the marketing strategies that North Coast used to attain their success, view the electrical distributor case study on the ENERGY STAR Web site.



Pictured: Fixture display at North Coast's Alexander Lighting showroom.


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ENERGY STAR has unveiled a new tool -- the Database of Incentives and Marketing Exchange, or DIME. DIME is an on-line partner collaboration tool focused on bringing Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors (EEPS)-sponsored opportunities to manufacturer and retail partners. DIME streamlines access to program information by providing partners a one-stop, on-line tool containing all available EEPS-sponsored opportunities.

Examples of opportunities that DIME makes available include cooperative advertising funds and guidelines accessing EEPS resources, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for all product promotions—including rebates, product buy-downs, and sales promotion incentive funds (SPIFs), and any available retail training/support. DIME can be accessed at If you have any questions regarding the tool, please contact Matt Latham, D&R International, at (301) 588-9387, or

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ENERGY STAR Bulk Purchasing in Public and Multifamily Housing

As part of a regional pilot project in California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Nevada, the Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are preparing to introduce a web-based tool to facilitate the bulk purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified products by HUD public housing authorities and multifamily property owners and managers. Products offered will include ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators, room air conditioners, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, clothes washers, CFLs, fixtures, and soon, HVAC.

The pilot program presents an opportunity for ENERGY STAR partners to promote and sell ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures into the public housing market. The program will start in HUD’s Region 9, which represents an expansive rental housing market consisting of 60,000 public housing units, 350,000 section 8 units, and 150,000 affordable housing units.

There is significant support from HUD for public housing and multifamily properties to make energy efficiency improvements in their facilities. Annually, HUD provides over $300 million in capital and operating funding to housing authorities in Region 9, some of which can be used to implement cost-effective energy improvements. HUD also requires HUD-assisted/subsidized multifamily properties to conduct regular energy audits, which provide these properties with a means to capitalize energy measures and appliance replacement. For multifamily projects outside the assisted housing sector, HUD provides credit enhancements. Each year, HUD’s Region 9 multifamily underwriters complete over 130 transactions, which assist in providing over $900 million in financing for new construction, substantial rehabilitation, and project refinancing.

The pilot is expected to roll out over the summer of 2006, with expansion to other regions of the country if successful. Interested ENERGY STAR fixture manufacturers should contact Hewan Tomlinson at, or by phone at 202-234-7598.

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Southern California Edison Lighting Programs

Southern California Edison (SCE) recently released a fact sheet on the manufacturer component of its 2006-08 Residential Lighting Incentive Programs, in advance of the release of the lighting request for proposals (RFP).

The manufacturer component of the program is designed to incorporate a manufacturer’s wholesale buy-down of certain lighting products by reducing the wholesale price to qualifying retailers in SCE’s service territory. After SCE approves the manufacturer and its selected retailer(s) for participation in the program and the manufacturer satisfies all its obligations under the agreement, the manufacturer is eligible for reimbursement of the discount. Reservation requests will be on a calendar year basis, however the manufacturer participant agreement remains in effect for the entire 2006-08-program term.

Presently SCE will allocate incentives for only the 2006 promotion period. Reimbursement incentives range from $5-10 per ENERGY STAR qualified fixture depending on the lumen output. For the first time, SCE will allow manufacturers to submit reservation requests for qualifying lighting products that manufacturer’s retail partners sell to SCE customers through internet sites, catalogs, and/or phone orders. As a requirement for participation, retailers must be able to identify customers as SCE customers in order for customers to be eligible to receive discounts as part of this program. As a result, a manufacturer that proposes to participate in the Web/Catalog/Phone Sales program component will need active retailer cooperation.

The SCE lighting program manufacturer component fact sheet can be found on the ENERGY STAR DIME Web site,

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Share these energy-saving ceiling fan tips with your customers!

  • In summer, run the blades counter-clockwise (downward) to cool more efficiently. On hotter days, dialing up the thermostat by only 2 degrees and using your ceiling fan can lower air conditioning costs by up to 14% over the course of the cooling season.
  • For year-round savings, reverse the fan motor (clockwise) and operate on low speed in the winter to redistribute warm air.
  • Use low wattage CFLs in the ceiling fan light fixture for cooler running light bulbs and more energy savings.
  • Ceiling fans cool only people, not the room, so when you leave the room turn the ceiling fan off!
  • Go to ENERGY STAR @ Home interactive tool for energy-efficient home improvement ideas and energy saving tips and advice for the entire home.

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September 10- 12 ALA Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV

October 1 - November 30 ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign

October 4 Change a Light Day

October 5- 9 Ace Hardware Fall Convention, Philadelphia, PA