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Fall 2013 Edition
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Enhanced Product Finders Now Available!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pleased to announce the deployment of new ENERGY STAR product finder tools for all eight commercial food service (CFS) product categories, including: dishwashers, fryers, griddles, hot food holding cabinets, ice makers, ovens, refrigerators and freezers, and steam cookers.

The product finder tools provide consumers, partners, and interested third parties with an easily-accessible, user-friendly search tool. The product finders display the same product attributes that appear on the current qualified product lists and allow manufacturers to display additional identifying information for models such as SKUs, UPC codes, and retail model numbers. The new tool also provides product comparison capabilities. Such identifiers can make it easier for purchasers and consumers to find ENERGY STAR certified products that meet their needs.

EPA encourages ENERGY STAR manufacturing partners to review their listed models and verify the accuracy of the data. Any concerns about data quality should be reported to the appropriate EPA-recognized certification body (CB). Additional stakeholders such as commercial kitchen design consultants, equipment dealers, utilities, and other purchasers are welcome to submit feedback on the new product finder tools to

Utilities and other users who would like more detailed datasets can access them directly at, sign up for a user account, and take advantage of filter and advanced export options best suited to their needs. Users can still download Excel-based qualified product lists from the advanced view. To access an Excel list, click Export, then select .xls, .xlsx, or .csv formats.

For updates on products finder tools, including additional key features and a full list of previously released product finder tools, please visit

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Food Service Energy &
Water Use Survey

EPA invites commercial and institutional food service establishments to take the 2013 Food Service Energy and Water Survey, launched on September 4, 2013.

The survey is a collaborative effort between EPA, the National Restaurant Association (NRA), the Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA), the Department of Energy's Better Buildings Alliance, and PG&E's Food Service Technology Center (FSTC). The purpose of the energy and water use data collected is to develop an ENERGY STAR building energy performance score (ENERGY STAR 1-100 score) that will allow food service facilities to compare their energy consumption to the national, industry-wide average and also to other stores within their brand. Certain facilities may also be eligible to earn ENERGY STAR certification, thus distinguishing themselves to customers as environmental leaders

Eligible survey participants include full-service restaurants; limited-service restaurants; coffee or beverage shops; educational, military, corporate, or hospital cafeterias; and other formats. Interested parties should visit to learn more.

Input and participation is needed to successfully develop this score for food service establishments, so be sure to complete the survey. Participants also have the chance to win and Starbucks gift cards.

Please direct questions or comments about the survey to

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Product Spotlight: Ovens

Did you know that ENERGY STAR certified convection and combination ovens are on average 20 and 30 percent more energy efficient than standard models? This equates to hundreds of dollars saved a year on utility bills! Below are the average savings compared to standard models.

Convection ovens can save:
• $150 (gas) or $100 (electric) annually
• $1,600 (gas) or $1,100 (electric) over the product lifetime

Combination ovens can save:
• $250 (gas) or $700 (electric) annually
• $2,500 (gas) or $6,800 (electric) over the product lifetime

Commercial Combination and Convection oven image

Commercial combination oven and convection oven images (left to right), courtesy of PG&E's FSTC.

Commercial ovens that have earned the ENERGY STAR may employ energy efficiency upgrades such as direct-fired gas or infrared burners, improved insulation and gaskets, and other quality control features that help the product to use energy more wisely. Design approaches like these can also provide additional benefits such as higher production capacity, improved air circulation, and faster and more uniform cooking processes. Improved insulation and cabinet sealing also contributes to a cooler kitchen and an improved working environment. For additional details, see the ovens sell sheet available at the ENERGY STAR Training Center.

Energy Saving Tips
(1) Reduce idle time & turn off back-up ovens,
(2) Fully load ovens when cooking, and
(3) Inspect and replace gaskets and tighten hinges when needed.

For information about ENERGY STAR certified ovens, visit the commercial ovens product finder or the list of commercial oven partners.

If you know of a commercial or institutional kitchen using ENERGY STAR certified equipment, tell them to share their story at and inspire others today!

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Dealer Partner Updates

EPA hosted a webinar for ENERGY STAR CFS dealers/distributors on Thursday, October 24, 2013. All dealer/distributor partners were invited to join. During the webinar, partners learned about opportunities for collaborative marketing efforts and partnership engagement. The webinar provided a platform for discussion around how ENERGY STAR can assist with sales efforts for highly efficient equipment.

Additionally, EPA has recently updated the “Where to Buy” list online to reflect multiple storefront locations for each dealer. To ensure this information is correct, all dealers are encouraged to review their organization’s listing and let EPA know of any information that should be updated. Please review both the main page and the “export to Excel” file.

For feedback on how ENERGY STAR can assist in your sales and marketing efforts or for more information on future webinars email

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ENERGY STAR Training Seminars


In late September, representatives from the ENERGY STAR team presented a training webinar to commercial kitchen design consultants working to earn continuing education credits from Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI). Vulcan, a division of ITW Food Equipment Group, hosted this training in Baltimore, MD.

Design consultants in attendance learned about key differentiators, annual and lifetime savings estimates (energy, water, and dollars) and available rebates for ENERGY STAR certified products, how to leverage ENERGY STAR tools and resources, and more.

EPA welcomes the opportunity to provide educational seminars for other stakeholders such as dealers and sales representatives. If you are interested in scheduling a seminar, please contact The ENERGY STAR Training Center is also a great resource for commercial food service partners and will be updated again in the months ahead.

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Partner Spotlight: Follett Corporation

Follett Corporation

Follett Corporation, an ENERGY STAR CFS equipment manufacturer, has been in business since 1948 and occupies over 135,000 square feet of plant and office space in Lehigh Valley, PA. Follett is known for manufacturing high quality, innovative ice systems for the food service and healthcare industries, ranging from ice storage and transport to ice machines and beverage dispensers.

As an ENERGY STAR manufacturing partner for automatic commercial ice makers, Follett recently certified its 7 series ice dispenser and its line of Horizon™ brand self-contained, air-cooled ice machines. These Horizon nugget-type ice makers use 40 percent less water than comparable cuber-type models. Follett’s homepage highlights the advanced technologies that help lead to the impressive energy- and water-savings. In addition to ENERGY STAR certified ice makers, Follett’s 7 Series ice and water dispenser was selected as a 2013 Kitchen Innovations award recipient by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and was featured in the Kitchen Innovations exhibit at the NRA Show in May 2013.

To learn more about Follett Corporation, visit

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Product Development Updates

EPA is currently working with industry stakeholders on revisions to several ENERGY STAR specifications. Detailed updates are provided below, and more information can be found on the ENERGY STAR Product Development webpages at

Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers
EPA released the Draft 2 Version 3.0 Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers specification on August 19, 2013, with final stakeholder comments due September 13, 2013. EPA expects to release the Final Draft specification by November 15, 2013 and the final specification by the end of the year. The proposed effective date is September 2014.

Commercial Steamers
EPA will release a stakeholder memo in the coming weeks to launch the revision process for the commercial steamers specification.

Commercial Ovens
As a reminder, combination ovens are eligible for ENERGY STAR certification as of April 1, 2013. The revised performance requirements for convection ovens, including third-party certification requirements, take effect on January 1, 2014.

Stakeholder questions can be directed to Christopher Kent, EPA, at (202) 343-9046 and, or Adam Spitz, ICF International, at (202) 862-1226 and

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