ENERGY STAR® Commercial Food Service Newsletter–Spring 2018
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Rebates Available Across the United States

Are you taking advantage of rebates in your area?

Utilities across the country offer rebates on ENERGY STAR certified products to reduce the initial cost of equipment. Every year, EPA’s team of regional Account Managers collect program information from utility partners and feature rebate offerings for ENERGY STAR certified products on the ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder. Thousands of businesses and consumers use the database to find valuable information about ENERGY STAR certified product incentives. EPA recently added a link for stakeholders to access information in the Rebate Finder directly from the Product Finder.

Today, utilities across 25 states have more than 460 rebates listed for commercial food service (CFS) equipment, and the list is growing! ENERGY STAR utility partners continue to add updated program information throughout the year. Use the ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder to identify product rebates available in your area or contact your local utility.

Map of the United States

Utilities in states that are highlighted blue offer rebates for ENERGY STAR certified commercial food service equipment. For more information, please refer to the ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder database. States not highlighted in blue may still offer incentives on ENERGY STAR certified equipment. Please check with your local utility representatives.

Partner Spotlights


Commercial kitchens are one of the highest energy consumers in buildings. A single commercial kitchen appliance can also use more energy than the average home! Choosing an ENERGY STAR certified piece of equipment can result in significant energy savings, and utilities like ComEd in Illinois, provide incentives to switch from conventional food service appliances to those that have earned the ENERGY STAR certification.

The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program offers over 30 energy efficiency programs, which include incentives on a wide range of ENERGY STAR certified electric commercial food service equipment such as ENERGY STAR electric steam cookers; convection ovens; electric griddles; electric vat fryers; hot food holding cabinets; solid door and transparent door freezers and refrigerators; refurbished vending machines; and commercial ice makers.

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program provides an additional 20 percent bonus to customers who complete three or more eligible commercial projects within two years. For example, if you switch to ENERGY STAR certified Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting, upgrade your HVAC system, and install ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators and freezers, you would be eligible to earn the bonus! To learn more, visit ComEd’s Commercial Kitchen Equipment page here.

Pacific Gas and Electric

Since 1987, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has been a pioneer in helping commercial kitchens gain major energy and cost savings by providing incentives and energy efficiency consulting services through its Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) based in Northern California. Commercial food service providers, cooking equipment manufacturers, and kitchen designers rely on PG&E test reports, design consultation services, on-site facility surveys, and attend educational seminars. In fact, Bridges Restaurant in Danville, California saw an annual kWh savings of 22,930 kilowatt-hours and total rebates of over $2,500 by using PG&E’s FSTC services.

In addition to offering services through the FSTC, PG&E offers free eBooks that can help customers save! The eBooks include a Quick Service Restaurant Rebate Guide, 10 Money-Saving Restaurant Equipment Tips, Financing Energy Efficiency Projects for Your Business, and the Complete Guide to Working with a Lighting or HVAC Contractor. To download these eBooks, click here.

Click here to learn more about PG&E’s incentive program.

New Report: The State of Restaurant Sustainability – 2018 Edition

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) released the 2018 edition of the State of Restaurant Sustainability. NRA surveyed over 500 restaurant owners and operators, as well as 1,000 consumers.

The Association reported that:

  • Nearly half of all restaurants operate using ENERGY STAR certified commercial food service equipment;
  • An increasing number of restaurant operators are recycling and using recyclable packaging;
  • Food waste has been reduced, with more than 1 in 5 restaurant operators donating edible leftovers to charity, and more than 1 in 10 composting at least some of their leftover food; and,
  • More restaurants are offering sustainably sourced food options.

To read the NRA report, click here.

Specification Updates

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regularly updates ENERGY STAR product specifications. The following information includes some helpful reminders as you prepare for upcoming specification changes and manage your inventory of ENERGY STAR certified products.

Recent and upcoming specification activities include:

  • ENERGY STAR Automatic Commercial Ice Makers Version 3.0: The ENERGY STAR Automatic Commercial Ice Makers Version 3.0 became effective on January 28, 2018. Approximately 100 products are currently certified to Version 3.0. Check out the current list of certified automatic commercial ice makers here.
  • ENERGY STAR Commercial Coffee Brewers Version 1.1: EPA released the ENERGY STAR Draft Version 1.1 Commercial Coffee Brewers specification for stakeholder review on February 22, 2018. EPA held a stakeholder webinar on March 1, 2018, to discuss the proposed Version 1.1 revision. The Draft Version 1.1 materials are available on the ENERGY STAR Commercial Coffee Brewers Version 1.1 product development website. Stakeholder comments were due on March 22, 2018.
  • ENERGY STAR Commercial Dishwashers Version 3.0: EPA launched the ENERGY STAR Commercial Dishwashers Version 3.0 specification revision on July 14, 2017, and issued an Update Memo on December 20, 2017, extending the comment and data submission deadline to February 28, 2018. The Agency is working on the development of a Draft 1 Version 3.0 specification. The Discussion Guide and other materials can be found on the ENERGY STAR Commercial Dishwashers Version 3.0 product development website.

For more information regarding the ENERGY STAR specification process or additional CFS equipment updates, visit

Increase Sales with ENERGY STAR’s Complimentary Materials

ENERGY STAR has updated its commercial food service equipment materials with the latest savings figures and product information.

The 2017-2018 Guide for Cafes, Restaurants, and Commercial Kitchens, eight product Sell Sheets, and Equipment Savings Overview are all co-brandable – meaning you can add your logo while leveraging the ENERGY STAR brand. These materials were created to help vendors, suppliers, and utilities drive sales and communicate the benefits of purchasing ENERGY STAR equipment. We encourage all partners to take advantage of these resources.

All materials will be made available on the ENERGY STAR CFS website.

Personalized ENERGY STAR Webinars

ENERGY STAR offers complimentary educational webinars to stakeholders on the benefits of using ENERGY STAR certified equipment and effective ways to communicate long-term savings to customers.

EPA hosts monthly webinars for PRIDE’s members to share the latest updates on ENERGY STAR specifications, tools and resources, and marketing opportunities. Last year, ENERGY STAR hosted a boot camp webinar for Wendy’s® franchisees to provide education around the savings from ENERGY STAR certified commercial kitchen equipment and best practices for leveraging ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager® to meet their energy savings goals.

What are your specific needs and goals for energy savings? Do you sell ENERGY STAR commercial kitchen equipment and want to learn more? Are you looking to install ENERGY STAR equipment or find out how to benchmark using ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager? If you would like to learn more, please reach out to

Upcoming Events

ENERGY STAR Workshop at the NRA Show – Sunday, May 20, 2018

ENERGY STAR will be hosting a stakeholder meeting on Sunday, May 20, 2018 from 1-3 pm CT during the National Restaurant Association Show. The goal of the meeting is to foster collaboration and innovation across the commercial food service (CFS) distribution network and to highlight examples of leadership in efficiency. Many stakeholders, including manufacturers, vendors, and utilities have expressed an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of ENERGY STAR initiatives and ways to leverage existing tools and resources. By inviting manufacturers, dealers, distributors, manufacturer sales representatives, kitchen design consultants, and utilities, we hope to provide a platform for collaboration and innovation between these stakeholder groups. We hope you will join us at the 2018 ENERGY STAR CFS Stakeholder Meeting! To RSVP, click here.

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