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Celebrating 1 Million ENERGY STAR Homes

National Outreach Plans

To mark the occasion, EPA is working with ENERGY STAR partners across the country to launch the 1 Million ENERGY STAR Homes celebration.

  • Collecting stories from families living in ENERGY STAR certified homes and sharing the most compelling stories on the new campaign web page.
  • Engaging national media outlets to cover the 1 Million ENERGY STAR Homes celebration, focusing on unique homeowner stories.
  • Working with U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson's office to identify potential media opportunities.
  • Conducting local media outreach in top markets for ENERGY STAR homes.
  • Issuing an EPA Press Release on November 10 to announce the achievement of this important 1 million ENERGY STAR homes built milestone.

Mark Your Calendars for November 10!

Help us celebrate 1 Million ENERGY STAR certified homes built! With your help, Americans across the country now enjoy homes with superior energy performance, greater comfort, and lower monthly utility bills.

Get Involved and Celebrate with Us

EPA is planning a number of activities on November 10 that showcase families living in ENERGY STAR homes. Here are four ways you and your company can get involved in the 1 Million ENERGY STAR Homes celebration.  

Collect Homeowner Stories

Do you know a family that loves their ENERGY STAR certified home? We are looking to celebrate the diverse reasons why people choose ENERGY STAR. You can encourage families that you know or work with to submit their stories on why they chose an ENERGY STAR certified new home.

Stories can be submitted online or via e-mail at onemillionhomes@cadmusgroup.com. The best homeowner stories—along with your company's name if you encourage the submission—will be featured on EPA's interactive carousel on the new 1 Million ENERGY STAR Homes celebration Web page.

Send Your Company's Story

We want to recognize our partners’ help in protecting the environment and achieving this 1 million homes milestone. If your company has an interesting story about why you chose to partner with EPA, or how the ENERGY STAR partnership has benefited your company, please share it with the nation. Send it to onemillionhomes@cadmusgroup.com.

Plan a Celebration Event in Your Community

Consider hosting a celebration event in your area on or around November 10. You could collaborate with other ENERGY STAR partners in the area to pool resources and get recognition for your contribution to the 1 million homes milestone. Ideas to help make your event a success:

  • Reach out to local media to tell them about your role in helping EPA achieve this milestone.
  • Work with local elected officials to recognize the 1 Million ENERGY STAR Homes celebration with a special announcement or proclamation.
  • Combine this celebration with an already planned open house or special promotion that your company is doing to attract potential new home buyers.

Contact onemillionhomes@cadmusgroup.com for event ideas and assistance to get started.

Use This Milestone to Highlight Your Work with ENERGY STAR

EPA has developed materials that will help promote your involvement in reaching this 1 Million ENERGY STAR Homes milestone. Visit our Marketing Resources page to download the following materials.

  • Key Messaging Points: Use these points to ensure your communications outreach is in sync
    with EPA.
  • Sample Outreach Text: Customize the e-mail template and send it to employees and customers to encourage them to share their ENERGY STAR Home stories, or use the text on your Web site to promote 1 Million ENERGY STAR Homes.
  • Web Banners and Buttons: Download these banners to help promote 1 Million ENERGY STAR Homes on your Web site or in e-mails, e-newsletters, and other online outlets.

Your Celebration Ideas Welcome

If you have other ideas for celebrating the 1 Million ENERGY STAR Homes milestone in your market, please share them with us and we will share them with other partners nationwide. We continue to look for collaboration opportunities and will send partner updates over the next two to three months.

EPA looks forward to working with all of our partners to celebrate this important program milestone! If you have any questions, please send an email to onemillionhomes@cadmusgroup.com.

The Cadmus Group is a contractor working in support of EPA's ENERGY STAR program.

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