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In this spring newsletter, we're highlighting the new Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR Campaign, new and existing resources and materials available on, upcoming events, and recent partner achievements and awards.

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 The NEW Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR Campaign
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 ENERGY STAR Achievements and Awards
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What's New?

Join Us as We Launch the Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR Campaign
We are excited to announce the new campaign: Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR. This new campaign builds on the successes of the ENERGY STAR Change a Light Campaign, through which we collected more than 1.6 million pledges to replace a light with one that has earned the ENERGY STAR, helping to avoid using 1.6 billion kWh of energy, prevent 2.5 billion lbs of greenhouse gas emissions, and save $185 million in energy costs.

In 2008, Americans are ready to do more. Our campaign encourages consumers to join us in the fight against global warming by taking the next steps to make additional energy-efficient changes at home and work.

Support the Pledge
The new ENERGY STAR pledge challenges consumers and organizations to “do more” by offering additional actions and they can take to save energy and help fight global warming. Partners can help to motivate their employees, customers, and constituents to take action as campaign pledge drivers. In addition, we’re collecting real-life stories of individuals, organizations, and families who have taken energy-saving steps at home to feature on and help inspire others to follow their lead. Be sure to visit to our campaign Web site for more information.

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Marketing Tools and Ideas

Marketing Tools for Builders

New Marketing Ideas for Builders: EPA’s new "Marketing Ideas for Builders" is a quick and easy reference that outlines a variety of tools and creative ideas to jumpstart builders ENERGY STAR marketing efforts.

image: Homes Features Flyer

Marketing Toolkit Spotlight: The Homes Features Flyer
ENERGY STAR recently launched a new-and-improved ENERGY STAR Marketing Toolkit that allows partners to create customized flyers, display cards, and Web tools to educate consumers about the features and benefits of ENERGY STAR certified homes.

The Homes Features Flyer is one of a variety of flyers that you can customize by adding your name, logo, and Web site. You can also highlight the specific features of your ENERGY STAR certified homes such as tight construction; ENERGY STAR certified windows; third-party verification; sized, sealed, and insulated ducts. By choosing a background image, adding your own text, and additional images of your homes with captions, you can make a truly customized, color marketing piece for your sales office.

In addition to the Homes Feature flyer, be sure to check out what the rest of the Toolkit has to offer.

Marketing Tools for Raters

image: Marketing Toolkit

New Marketing Resources for Raters: The ENERGY STAR Marketing Toolkit has been expanded to include two new templates designed specifically for raters. These templates make it easy to create flyers explaining how ENERGY STAR benefits builders and the services that your rating organization offers. These templates enable raters to create full-color flyers that include customized imagery, ENERGY STAR logos, company logo, and contact information.

Builder Recruitment Handbook for Sponsors, Providers, and Raters: Sponsors, Providers, and Home Energy Raters have an additional resource for recruiting builders to the ENERGY STAR for New Homes Program. The Builder Recruitment Handbook is intended to help partners learn to recruit builders using the most effective methods.

Additional Marketing Ideas

Help us spread the word about ENERGY STAR through MLS! With more new homes earning the label each year, ENERGY STAR certified homes are becoming a force in many local real estate markets. And with consumers increasingly interested in energy efficiency and green building, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to identify homes that have earned the ENERGY STAR. One simple way is through listing ENERGY STAR as an available feature on your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Several markets, including Gainesville FL, Houston TX, Portland OR, and Ponca City, OK, have already added ENERGY STAR as a feature to their MLS, but we’d like your help to spread the word to home buyers in even more markets. Please let us know if ENERGY STAR has been incorporated into MLS in your market, and any information you have on what steps were taken to make this a reality in your area. Contact Jonathan Passe at

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ENERGY STAR Achievements and Awards

More than 120,000 ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Built in 2007
2007 saw over 120,000 ENERGY STAR certified homes constructed across the country. States with the largest increases from the previous year included North Carolina, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Washington. Over the next 12 months, these homes will save an estimated 298 million kWh and 20 million therms of natural gas, and will reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to those from about 60,000 vehicles a year.

image: Achievement Award

Introducing the Leadership in Housing Award
Beginning this year, the Outstanding Achievement Award will be replaced by the Leadership in Housing Award. As before, this award will recognize builders and raters who certified at least 50 homes in the last calendar year, as well as providers, utilities, and other sponsoring programs that certified at least 250 homes in the last calendar year. Congratulations to all award recipients.

EPA Honors 2008 ENERGY STAR Award Winners
On April 1, 2008, EPA and DOE presented ENERGY STAR Awards at the annual ENERGY STAR Awards banquet and reception in Washington, DC. The event recognized leading companies and organizations for their outstanding contributions to environmental protection and energy efficiency through their partnerships with ENERGY STAR. The partners below have demonstrated a commitment to the construction of ENERGY STAR certified new homes, contributed to the growth of ENERGY STAR in their market(s), and effectively included ENERGY STAR in their marketing and sales efforts. We proudly recognize their efforts as ENERGY STAR partners. To see a full list of ENERGY STAR award winners, visit

Excellence in ENERGY STAR Promotion—New Home Builders
Forest City Stapleton
Haven Properties
Ideal Homebuilders
Ivey Residential
Winton/Flair Custom Homes

Partner of the Year—Home Energy Raters
Energy Inspectors
Environmental Building Solutions
Southern Energy Management
Southwest Energy Conservation, LLC

Excellence in Energy Efficiency Program Delivery
Arizona Public Service
Colorado Springs Utilities
Massachusetts New Homes with ENERGY STAR
PacifiCorp (Rocky Mountain Power)

Sustained Excellence in Energy Efficiency Program Delivery
CenterPoint Energy, Inc.
Nevada ENERGY STAR Partners
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Oncor Electric Delivery
Southern California Edison
Wisconsin Focus on Energy

Excellence in Energy Efficient Affordable Housing
Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity
Utah Division of Housing and Community Development

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Questions? Contact Us

How to Get Answers to Your ENERGY STAR Questions
Whether you need a technical presentation, advice on designing an ENERGY STAR for New Homes program, help with seminars, or ideas for developing a sales presentation, we’re here to help. Please contact us at

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