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Higher Resale Value

Studies conducted since the early 1970's have consistently concluded that energy-efficient homes earn a higher resale price than average homes. This means that purchasing an #settings.esLogo# qualified new home isn't just a smart investment today, but it will also pay significant dividends in the future.

Time PeriodKey Finding on Increased Value
1970-75The 1974 spike in relative cost of fuel oil raised the price differential between gas- and oil-heated houses to $761 in 1974 and up to $4,597 in the first half of 1975.
1971-78A one-inch increase in wall insulation increased home value by $1.90 per square foot; a one-inch increase in ceiling insulation increased home value by $3.37 per square foot. High quality (energy-efficient windows) increased home value by $1.63 per square foot.
1978Home value increased by about $20.73 for every $1.00 decrease in annual fuel bills.
1978-79Value of energy-efficient homes (with lower structural heat loss) was $3,248 higher than inefficient homes.
1980Home value increased by $2,510 for each one unit increase in energy efficiency.
1982Home value increased by $11.63 per $1.00 decrease in fuel expenditures needed to maintain a house at 65o F in an average heating season.
1983-85Home value increased by $12.52 per $1.00 decrease in electric bills, consistent with home buyers discounting savings at after-tax mortgage interest rate.

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