Space Use Information - House of Worship

House of Worship applies to buildings that are used as places of worship.  This includes churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, meeting houses, or any other buildings that primarily function as a place of religious worship.  The rating applies to buildings that function as the primary place of worship and not to other buildings that may be associated with a religious organization, such as living quarters, schools, or buildings used primarily for other community activities.  The rating applies to worship facilities that have 4,000 seats or fewer.

Below are the descriptions of the data entry fields for the House of Worship space type:

Gross Floor Area

The total gross floor area is measured between the principal exterior surfaces of the enclosing fixed walls and includes all supporting functions.  The total gross floor area should include all interior space, worship areas, classrooms, meeting rooms, libraries, fellowship areas, restrooms, stairwells, and kitchen areas. Note that for portions with vaulted or high ceilings, only the floor area at the base level should be counted.

Seating Capacity

The seating capacity should reflect the maximum total seating capacity of the main worship area(s).  If there are multiple seating configurations, please identify the maximum number that the facility can hold.  This number should reflect permanent seating capacity as the facility is typically used.  Note that if there is no seating at this type of worship facility, this number should reflect the number of worshipers than can be accommodated in the main worship area(s).

Default Value = 40 seats per 1,000 square foot

Weekday Operation

Weekday Operation should reflect the number of weekdays (Monday through Friday) that the facility is typically open.  This should include all days when the building is open for religious services, choir practice, administrative use, committee meetings, classes, or other activities.

Default Value = 3

Weekly Operating Hours

The hours of operation should count the hours per week during which the facility is typically open for operation.  This may include worship services, choir practice, administrative use, committee meetings, classes, or other activities.

Default Value = 33 hours

Number of Personal Computers

Number of computers should reflect the total number of computers in the building.  Computers may be located in office or administrative areas of the facility, or may be part of the audio-visual equipment capabilities or classrooms.  Computer-type servers that support the LAN can also be included in this count.

Default Value = 0.20 PCs per 1,000 square feet

Presence of Cooking Facilities

Is any space used for institutional or commercial food preparation and serving, such as kitchens, restaurants, snack bars, cafeterias, steam tables, or warming areas? Yes or No? Do not include areas with only a microwave or other small food preparation equipment or vending machines.

Default Value = No

Number of Commercial Refrigeration/Freezer Units

This number should be a count of all commercial-type refrigeration and freezer units at the worship facility.  This count should include all walk-in refrigeration/freezer units, in addition to commercial-type open or closed cases.  These types of units may be present to support a community area in the facility, where receptions or other activities occur.  This count should only include commercial-type units; it should not include residential type refrigerators or vending machines.

Default Value = 0.018 units per 1,000 square feet