Space Type Definitions - Parking

The Parking space type is intended for any area connected to the building that is used for parking vehicles. This includes parking lots, fully enclosed parking structures, and unenclosed parking structures that are open on all sides and may or may not include roof parking. All parking areas should be combined into one parking space. The purpose of combining all of these areas into one space is to avoid double counting and simplify the process. By apportioning the square foot of the parking area into these three categories, Target Finder can properly assign lighting and ventilation allowances.


For example, if a building contains two parking lots and one under ground fully enclosed parking structure, all three parking areas should be combined and entered as one parking space in Target Finder. The square footage of the two parking lots should be added together and entered as one unit under "Parking sqft that is open (no roof)” and the square footage of the enclosed parking structure should be entered under "Parking sqft that is enclosed”.


The following information is required for Parking Spaces: