Selecting the Energy Use Target


Follow the steps below for Target Finder to calculate an energy use target:


Step 1 - Facility Information:

Enter the ZIP code where the facility will be built. Target Finder selects the appropriate climate data and calculates the energy use typical of the specified location. Target Finder can only be used for US cities, states and territories.


Step 2 - Facility Characteristics:

Select the applicable space type from the drop down menu. The screen will refresh and display the space type form. Provide requested attribute information for all selected space type(s) in the design project.


Step 3 - The Target:

Select the desired energy use target using either method:



Select View Results

The Results screen will display the following information for the Target, and Median Building:  


Results for Estimated Energy Use


How Target Finder Calculates Energy Use Targets

Target Finder will calculate the associated energy consumption for the selected numerical Target Rating and Percent Energy Reduction.  The energy target is based on the design project’s proposed operating characteristics and its physical location.  Location is specified by zip code and is used to determine the appropriate climate conditions, typical fuel mix and energy usage (electricity and natural gas, etc) and energy cost for the region.


Notes:  Additional information and tips on navigating through Target Finder.