Receiving a Rating for the Design Energy Use

If you have calculated or simulated estimated energy use for your facility design, you can input data into Target Finder. It will provide a rating for your design energy use and show a comparison to the selected Target and an Average Building (rating of 50.) Follow the steps below to rate and compare your project’s estimated Design Energy.

Step 1 - Facility Information:

  1. Enter the ZIP code where the facility will be built for Target Finder to select the appropriate climate data and calculate the energy use and cost typical of the specified location.

Step 2 - Facility Characteristics:

  1. Select the applicable space type from the drop down menu. The screen will refresh with the space type form displayed. Provide requested attribute information for selected space type(s).

  2. Repeat until all applicable space types for the design facility have been added.

Step 3 - The Target:

  1. Select the desired Target:

Step 4 - Estimated Design Energy

  1. Select the energy source and units and provide the total estimated annual site energy use and energy rate/cost (if available). Target Finder will calculate the source energy.

  2. Select View Results to display the Target Energy Performance Results screen.

Target Energy Performance Results screen

The Results screen will display energy information for your Design, Target, and an Average Building (rating of 50).  For these three categories, this screen will display:

If your design project achieves a rating of 75 or higher, it is eligible to receive ENERGY STAR certification. See Apply for Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR.

If your design project achieves a rating below 75, you are not eligible to apply for the ENERGY STAR certification.