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ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry Moves Ahead

Take the ENERGY STAR Challenge for IndustryThe ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry recognizes industrial sites that improve their energy efficiency by 10% within 5 years.  In just over a year since its launch, there are some nice accomplishments to share.  

  • Uptake is good.
    • Over 250 sites have taken the Challenge.
  • Savings are great.
    • Forty (40) sites have achieved the Challenge, saving over 2,557,220 mmBtu, equivalent to the energy consumed in 50,039 homes.
  • Some improvements are substantial.
    • Boeing's Douglas Center Complex in Long Beach, California achieved the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry twice for a combined energy intensity reduction of 40.8%.
    • J.B. Sanfilippo & Sons achieved the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry at each of its plants with energy intensity reductions ranging from 17% to 26%.
  • Corporations see value.
    • Sixty-eight (68) Cascades Canada Inc. sites (including pulp & paper, packaging, etc.) have taken the Challenge.
    • Seventy-three (73) DEAN Foods dairy processing plants are Challenge participants.
    • Thirty-one (31) Kroger Company bakeries are participating.
    • Three (3) Sunoco petroleum refineries are signed up.

The ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry is an opportunity for our Industrial Partners to motivate plants to achieve greater energy savings.  Any manufacturing site can participate by registering baseline energy intensity with EPA. Signing up for the Challenge for Industry is voluntary and does not require annual reporting.  If the Challenge goal is achieved, sites must have a Professional Engineer verify the energy savings and certify a Statement of Energy Improvement.  To receive recognition from EPA's ENERGY STAR program for achieving the Challenge for Industry, a site's parent company must be an ENERGY STAR partner.  If you have sites that are not participating, why are you waiting?  Sign-up today!  To learn more, click here.

ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management flow chart


In June 2011, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published its first standard for energy management systems known as ISO 50001.  This consensus standard establishes a framework for certifying energy management practices and closely resembles the approach outlined in the ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management.  Like the ENERGY STAR Guidelines, ISO 50001 encourages continuous improvement of energy performance by establishing fundamental energy management practices.

ENERGY STAR was represented on the U.S Technical Advisory Group (US TAG) which took the lead in developing the standard by the industrial program's Walt Tunnessen.  Many energy management concepts and approaches promoted by ENERGY STAR are reflected in the standard. In many ways, the standard represents an international consensus that formal energy management programs are important for promoting energy efficiency — a position held by ENERGY STAR for years!

ISO 50001 focuses on defining the organizational policies, procedures, and staffing responsibilities that constitute an energy program.  However, the standard does not establish energy performance criteria or requirements that must be met to achieve certification.  So, unlike ENERGY STAR certification for plants and buildings which is based on performance, ISO 50001 certification does not reflect that a specific level of energy efficiency or performance has been achieved.  Rather, ISO 50001 certification demonstrates that specific organizational management elements are in place as verified by a third party auditor.

For companies or sites that see value in certifying that their energy management practices conform to the ISO 50001 standard, many of the tools and resources offered by ENERGY STAR can aid in meeting the standard's requirements.  Since the ISO 50001 standard itself does not provide extensive "how to" guidance, the ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management can help explain how to the implement the specific requirements defined in the ISO standards.  Other tools, such as the ENERGY STAR Assessment Matrixes are useful in evaluating gaps before seeking ISO certification.

For information, contact Walt Tunnessen at

line art depicting a man at a printing pressA New Industrial Focus for Printing

Over the summer, ENERGY STAR kicked off a new industrial focus for printers.  EPA coordinated with ENERGY STAR Partner Brown Printing Company to engage companies in the planning for an ENERGY STAR Focus on Energy Efficiency in Printing.  Plans include development of a printing plant energy performance indicator (EPI), Energy Guide on the opportunities for improving energy efficiency in printing facilities, and a networking group for the industry.  For further information, contact Betsy Dutrow at

ENERGY STAR challenge for industry achiever lgogo

Perspectives: Partner Highlight

3M Fairmont Plant

3M's Fairmont plant manufactures a variety of 3M products including Bumpon™ protective products, Dual Lock™ fastener and more.  The 145,000 square foot plant employs roughly 135 workers.  The plant achieved the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, reaching a 33.4% energy reduction per pound of product within three years of its baseline. Further, the plant accomplished its energy reduction despite an increase in production.

How did the plant do this? A diverse set of projects and strategies led to the savings.  The plant:

  • Replaced inefficient water cooled plant air compressors with more efficient VFD air-cooled compressors
  • Supplemented steam-generated humidification with ultrasonic water vapor generation
  • Replaced inefficient HID & metal halide lighting with high efficiency fluorescent lighting fixtures

The plant has saved 2,656 Btu per pound of product since the plant began its participation in the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry.


Did you know ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year applications are due December 2, 2011???  For further information, visit ENERGY STAR Awards.

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featured photo

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