Share: Explore and Share Stories

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The toolkit was conceived and designed with the input of a small group of DSM Executives (PDF, 112 KB) with the goal of igniting a widespread dialogue about how to best articulate the full value of energy efficiency in a changing landscape. The stories and tools in this library are designed to help operationalize the value of consistent storytelling around the three pillars of energy efficiency.

  • Storytelling matrix—The matrix (PDF, 194 KB) provides examples of common story lines based on talking points contained in each pillar, along with examples of how stories might be personalized for different audiences. 
  • Story library—The library is organized by pillar, and contains stories contributed by DSM peers.  Each case study identifies the key talking point(s), why the story is valuable, and the back up or foundation that makes the story believable. The case studies can be used to inspire storytelling or shared as peer examples to advance strategic objectives.
  • Related resources—calculators, job studies, and more  (PDF, 90 KB) 
  • Grab-and-go presentation—This presentation (PPT, 10 MB) is designed for directly communicating the multiple values of energy efficiency to key audiences and can be used as is or customized with your own stories.
  • Get involved--If you are a DSM Executive and would like to be involved, join us!
    • Share how you have used the storytelling toolkit in your organization.
    • Contribute stories to our library based on identified pillars using this template  (PDF, 208 KB).

To submit your stories to be a part of the story library, email