Happy Homeowners

photo of the Schumacher home, Manlius, New York

Although the Schumachers loved their home, it was cold and drafty in the winter. Their house was built in 1970, without much insulation. When they decided it was finally time to replace the drafty windows, they called a local contractor who participates in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. Even though they had thought leaky windows were to blame, the contractor also found only a thin layer of attic insulation. The technicians air sealed the attic, and also replaced windows and window film (in the living room) to reduce damage to the furniture caused by UV light. Laurie Schumacher is enthusiastic about how comfortable her home is. Read Full Profile (PDF, 523 KB)

photo of Milewskys home, Suwanee, Georgia

When the Milewskys moved into their home, they noticed hot and cold spots throughout, and they suffered from nasal congestion and sinus infections due to high levels of dust in the house. To counter the problem, the Milewskys contacted contractors participating in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. The contractors performed diagnostic testing and energy retrofit work on the home and found that the furnace needed repair and the ductwork was very leaky. After servicing and repairing the furnace, the technician installed a new sealing plate. This instantly led to a better supply of air throughout the Milewsky home.   Read Full Profile (PDF, 618 KB)

photo of Wright home,Austin, Texas

Michael Wright wanted his home to be as comfortable, energy efficient and economical as it could be. Because his electric bills were extremely high, Michael contacted a local contractor participating in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. The contractor assessed the home and found a lot of room for improvement. There were inadequate levels of insulation in the attic, the air conditioning equipment needed replacement, the heating system needed a tune up, and the ductwork throughout the house was leaky. To counter these shortcomings, insulation was blown, the air conditioners were replaced, and the leaky ductwork was replaced. Read Full Profile (PDF, 143 KB)

photo of  Cranston home, Ithaca, New York

When the Cranstons bought their 1930-era colonial home, they knew they had a project on their hands. One thing they hadn't counted on was the very high cost to heat the home through the long cold upstate winters. Despite the money they were paying to heat the house, it was still cold and drafty. The couple called a local contractor participating in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. The old furnace tested at 53% efficiency, meaning that almost half of the heat produced was going directly up the chimney and never reaching the rooms in the house. After replacing the furnace with a high efficiency model, air sealing in the attic and basement, and adding insulation to the walls and attic, the heating bills were a much as two-thirds lower. Read Full Profile (PDF, 818 KB)