Target Finder

Portfolio Manager Technical Reference: Estimating Fuel Mix and Energy Cost

When establishing energy performance targets early in a project’s design stage, exact fuel mix and energy costs are often not known. In these cases, Portfolio Manager and Target Finder will provide an estimated fuel mix and energy cost to help you assess how to reach your target performance level. Reference this 7-page document for information about using Portfolio Manager and Target Finder to estimate fuel mix and energy cost.

How to use Target Finder

This training document walks you through using Target Finder to calculate metrics such as:

  • Project's future percent-better-than-national-median
  • Energy use required to achieve a certain goal
  • Project annual cost
  • Project annual greenhouse gas emissions
  • Project future 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR score for eligible property types

(Note: This PDF document is being updated and will be posted soon.)

Target Finder

EPA's ENERGY STAR Target Finder is the no-cost online tool that enables architects and building owners to set energy targets and receive an ENERGY STAR energy performance score for projects during the design process. Projects that earn a score of 75 or higher may be eligible for Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR certification.

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