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2018 ENERGY STAR metric updates: All webinar recordings

Last Updated: 01-21-2021

The slides and recordings of completed webinars related to the 2018 ENERGY STAR metric updates are listed below.

Topic: Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Manager, ENERGY STAR score calculation details, Technical reference
Resource Type: Technical documentation
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Des Moines Public Schools Financing Case Study

Last Updated: 09-09-2016

Learn how Des Moines Public Schools, a school district with more than 32,000 students and 70 facilities encompassing almost six million square feet of space, was able to improve its facilities and maximize energy savings by financing energy efficiency improvements through revenue bonds.

Topic: Financial
Resource Type: Success stories
Market Sector: Higher education, K12 schools, State & local government
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ENERGY STAR Action Workbook for Small Business

Last Updated: 08-27-2020

The ENERGY STAR Action Workbook for Small Business is intended to serve as a resource and planning guide for owners, operators, and employees of small businesses. This 101-page guidebook provides step-by-step guidance on ways to increase energy efficiency in facilities by implementing realistic and cost-effective energy improvement projects.

Topic: Energy management guidance
Resource Type: Communication tools
Market Sector: Small business
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List of ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® Alerts

Last Updated: 03-12-2021

Did you know that there are more than 70 data quality checks performed in Portfolio Manager? Attached is a complete list of all the alerts that you might see for your property. Reference this guide to get a high-level view of how Portfolio Manager is handling alerts.

Topic: Portfolio Manager
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Pneu-Logic Corporation & PepsiCo, Gatorade Teaming Profile

Last Updated: 11-14-2016

Pneu-Logic installs compressor controls and saves Gatorade $70,000 in annual energy.

Resource Type: Success stories, SPP & Industry teaming profiles
Market Sector: Service and product provider (SPP), General industrial/manufacturing