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ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign

Last Updated: 09-09-2016

The ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign recognizes organizations for their efforts in reducing energy consumed by their information technology equipment. Here you'll find resources to reduce your IT energy costs, including a guide for utilities designing energy-efficient data centers, energy-saving tips for data centers, and guides to choosing energy-efficient IT equipment.

Topic: Products & purchasing
Resource Type: Campaigns
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Get Your Building Ready for Electric Vehicles Fact Sheet

Last Updated: 07-03-2019

By the year 2030, there may be as many as 19 million plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) on the road in the U.S., representing a market share of 10%. With effective EV charging implementation, commercial building owners and managers can add value to properties, increase the convenience and affordability of driving EVs for tenants and employees, and show leadership in adopting advanced, sustainable technologies.

Topic: Energy tips, Products & purchasing

Identify and Reward Green Meeting Space with Your Business

Last Updated: 08-27-2020

This document provides guidance and sample language to use in your request for proposals (RFPs) when soliciting quotes for hotel and meeting venues. If your organization is already committed to employing socially responsible practices, consider adding language to your RFPs that rewards your business partners for their own environmental stewardship.

Topic: Products & purchasing

Product Purchasing & Procurement template

Last Updated: 09-09-2016

Use this sample letter to make an official commitment on behalf of your organization to purchase ENERGY STAR certified products. The letter explains why your organization has decided to implement an energy-efficient purchasing program, what the benefits are, and how your employees should implement the plan. Send this letter as an announcement to employees or use it to communicate purchasing requirements to appropriate colleagues. This letter can be modified as needed.

Topic: Energy management guidance, Products & purchasing