Overview of comments and conclusions on the verification process for ENERGY STAR certified buildings

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Comments and conclusion on the verification process for ENERGY STAR certified buildings
This 5-page report summarizes the comments EPA received in response to a request for input on the ENERGY STAR verification process for certifying commercial buildings and details its conclusions and next steps based on those comments. EPA gathered this input in July and August of 2014. In particular, EPA sought feedback on the requirement that a professional engineer or registered architect (“licensed professional”), with a current government-issued license, review and stamp the application.  To generate thoughtful input, EPA prepared a background document and a survey with six questions about the verification process.

Over 220 individuals, representing a wide range of organizations, responded to EPA’s July 2014 request for input.  After a careful review of the comments, EPA has decided to maintain the existing policy that only individuals with government-issued licenses, specifically professional engineers and registered architects, can verify applications for ENERGY STAR certification. As EPA stated in the request for input, ensuring the integrity of ENERGY STAR certification is critical to maintaining its value and the confidence of those who rely on it.  On balance, the comments convinced us that allowing non-licensed professionals to verify applications could undermine that integrity. The comments also offered a number of suggestions for streamlining and simplifying the overall application process, which EPA is evaluating as we undertake a review of the entire certification process. Please see the full report for details.