EPA Recommended Metrics and Normalization Methods for Use in State and Local Building Performance Standards

Last updated: 11-30-2022

This 13-page document outlines EPA's recommendations for metrics and normalization methods for use in state and local building performance standards (BPS). Contents include:

  1. Recommended metrics for use in a BPS
  2. Recommended method for normalizing site EUI in a BPS
  3. EPA's next steps
  4. An alternative normalization approach for buildings eligible to receive a 1-100 ENERGY STAR Score.

Based on analysis and input from policymakers, building owners, and other stakeholders concerning appropriate metrics and methods to ensure equitable BPS targets, EPA recommends that jurisdictions developing state or local BPS policies adopt the following metrics:

To reduce energy use:
  • Site Energy Use Intensity (EUI)
To reduce onsite greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and encourage electrification:
  • Direct GHG emissions


  • Adopt a fossil fuel phaseout schedule
Download the document. (PDF, 965.76 KB )
Market Sector: State & local government