ENERGY STAR score for medical office (Canada)

Last updated: 08-27-2020
Medical Office Score for Canada

The ENERGY STAR score for medical offices applies to all medical offices. The objective of the ENERGY STAR score is to fairly assess how a property’s energy use measures up against similar properties considering the climate, weather and business activities. A statistical analysis of the peer building population is performed to identify the aspects of property activity that are significant drivers of energy use and to normalize for those same factors. The result of this analysis is an equation that predicts the energy use of a property, based on its business activities. This prediction is compared to the property’s actual energy use to yield a 1 to 100 percentile ranking in relation to the national population of properties.

Property types. The ENERGY STAR score for medical offices in Canada applies to medical offices used to provide diagnosis and treatment for medical, dental, or psychiatric outpatient care. The score applies to individual medical offices and is not available for a campus of buildings.

Reference data. The analysis for medical offices in Canada relies on data from the Survey on Commercial and Institutional Energy Use (SCIEU), which was commissioned by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and carried out by Statistics Canada. The SCIEU represents the energy use for the year 2014.

Adjustments for weather and business activity. The analysis includes adjustments for:

  • Computer density (the number of computers per 100 m2)
  • Percentage of the building that is cooled
  • Percentage of the building that is heated
  • Weather and climate (using cooling degree and heating degree days, retrieved based on postal code)
  • Weekly operating hours

Release date. This is the second release of the ENERGY STAR Score for Medical Offices in Canada. The ENERGY STAR Score for Medical Offices is updated periodically as more recent data becomes available:

  • Most recent update: February 2020
  • Original release: August 2015

This document details the calculation of the 1 - 100 ENERGY STAR score for medical office properties. For more information on the methodology used to develop ENERGY STAR scores, see the Portfolio Manager Technical Reference: ENERGY STAR Score at

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