ENERGY STAR National Building Competition: 2015 wrap-up report on trends and best practices

Last updated: 08-27-2021
2015 National Building Competition Wrap Up Report

In 2015, EPA hosted the ENERGY STAR National Building Competition: Battle of the Buildings, but with a twist. For the second time, teams competed to slim their energy and water “wastelines.” More than 125 teams and 6,500 buildings across the nation competed to become the nation’s biggest loser. The team that took home the gold for energy savings was the Texas A&M – ESCO Project team, which improved energy efficiency by 35.5 percent and saved an estimated $548,900 over the course of the competition!

Learn from this talented field, and find out what trends and best practices emerged among winners in 2015. From improvements in operations and maintenance to upgrades in equipment and technology, competitors pulled out all the stops to improve efficiency. Get their best energy-saving advice and check out their successful strategies in this summary report.

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