ENERGY STAR Commercial Buildings College Course

Last updated: 02-14-2022

Interested in teaching your students about building energy efficiency? EPA offers an interactive course that explores the following topics:

  1. Why energy efficiency matters
  2. Strategies for overcoming efficiency barriers
  3. How to benchmark a building using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

The content is available from EPA at no cost and is filled with real-world examples and practical, hands-on student activities. Instructors can adapt it to meet their needs and interests, whether integrating it in full or in part into a longer course they already teach, or by designing a new, short course around it.

The available content includes an overview document about the course, slide decks for each unit, descriptions of optional assignments, and sample utility bills. The main optional assignment is a project where students apply their learning by going out into their community to benchmark a building using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

Course materials

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