Building Emissions Calculator: Glossary

Last updated: 03-29-2022
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Refer to this 5-page glossary for definitions of the following terms used in the Portfolio Manager Building Emissions Calculator:

  • Annual Period Ending Date
  • Building Emissions Calculator Import Template
  • Custom Factors/Custom Emissions Factors
  • Direct Emissions
  • eGRID Subregion
  • Green Power
  • Onsite Green Power
  • Offsite Green Power
  • Gross Floor Area
  • Indirect Emissions
  • Locality-Specified Factors
  • Location-Based Emissions
  • Market-Based Emissions
  • Portfolio Manager Baseline Period Ending Date
  • Portfolio Manager Current Period Ending Date
  • Site Energy
  • Site Energy Intensity
  • Total Emissions
Download the glossary. (PDF, 200.95 KB )
Resource Type: Technical documentation