Building Upgrade Manual

Last updated: 11-18-2016
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The 265-page Building Upgrade Manual is a comprehensive guide to profitable energy efficiency upgrades presented in an easy-to-understand framework designed especially for ENERGY STAR partners. Chapters address the ENERGY STAR buildings five-stage approach, leading you through the entire planning, financing, and implementation process.

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Chapter 1:  Introduction 
Chapter 2:  Benchmarking 
Chapter 3:  Investment Analysis 
Chapter 4:  Financing

Technical stages

Chapter 5:  Retrocommissioning 
Chapter 6:  Lighting
Chapter 7:  Supplemental Load Reduction 
Chapter 8:  Air Distribution Systems 
Chapter 9:  Heating and Cooling Upgrades

Unique facility strategies

Chapter 10:  K–12 Schools
Chapter 11:  Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
Chapter 12:  Hotels and Motels
Chapter 13:  Retail Stores