Analysis and Key Findings from EPA's Review of the ENERGY STAR Score Model for Office Properties

Last updated: 07-15-2019
First page of "Analysis and Key Findings from EPA's Review of the Office Model"

This five-page report summarizes the results of EPA's review of the 1-100 ENERGY STAR score model for office properties.

In 2018, EPA updated the ENERGY STAR score models and related performance metrics for U.S. buildings in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® based on the most recent market data available. After the update, EPA implemented a review period, during which we solicited feedback on the application of the models to various commercial building sectors and the resulting scores. The review period included three phases: gathering feedback; analyzing the models and evaluating score changes on buildings benchmarking in Portfolio Manager; and communicating the results. This document communicates the results and concludes our review period for the office ENERGY STAR model.

The analysis found that an adjustment is needed to account for energy used for heating. Therefore, EPA is reintroducing HDD into the scoring process, which results in more equitable scores for office properties in all climates.

Market Sector: Corporate real estate