Analysis and Key Findings from EPA's Review of the ENERGY STAR Score Model for K-12 School Properties

Last updated: 05-14-2019
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This six-page report summarizes the results of EPA's review of the 1-100 ENERGY STAR score model for K-12 school properties.

In 2018, EPA updated the ENERGY STAR score models and related performance metrics for U.S. buildings in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® based on the most recent market data available. After the update, EPA implemented a review period, during which we solicited feedback on the application of the models to various commercial building sectors and the resulting scores. The review period included three phases: gathering feedback; analyzing the models and evaluating score changes on buildings benchmarking in Portfolio Manager; and communicating the results. This document communicates the results and concludes our review period for the K-12 school ENERGY STAR model.

Resource Type: Technical documentation
Market Sector: K-12 schools