Step 1: Get your client to commit

No matter the size or type, organizations with successful energy programs have one thing in common: commitment. If your clients are dedicated to energy management, they’ll be good clients for years to come.

For this commitment to last, it’s important that your client do a few things from the start: get the support of senior leadership, form a dedicated energy team, and build management structures that empower staff to address energy efficiency issues directly.

Help your clients follow these EPA-recommended steps to commit to saving energy with ENERGY STAR.

Tips for getting buy-in from your clients and their leadership

Unfortunately, energy management can sometimes be a low priority. Leadership may have many competing priorities or may believe that energy is just a fixed cost of doing business. For cases like these, EPA provides some resources that may help:

Further reading: ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management, Step 1: Make Commitment

Teaming Up to Save Energy

Our 40-page Teaming Up to Save Energy booklet gives best practices for how to form and sustain an energy management team. Download the booklet.

Sector-specific sales messages

This series of fact sheets provides information on energy use, energy efficiency opportunities, partnership possibilities, and key leverage points specific to various market sectors, from hospitals to congregations. Browse sales messages by sector.