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Design with ENERGY STAR!

In the age of net zero initiatives and energy disclosure policies, there’s an enormous opportunity for architecture/engineering (A/E) firms to ensure that the buildings for the future are more efficient than ever by considering energy early in the design process.

Designing buildings is a complex undertaking and having clear and definitive goals is critical to achieving successful outcomes. A/E firms can minimize risk by seeking owner commitment around an energy performance goal early and often. Your firm can lead the way by including ENERGY STAR at the forefront of design.

A/E firms can lead the way

On your next project, show clients, investors and the public that it’s intended to perform among the nation’s top 25% of buildings for its energy efficiency by achieving EPA’s Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR certification. Plus, be recognized by EPA as a leading firm for delivering projects that are designed, constructed, and operated to earn ENERGY STAR.

Follow steps for energy guidance

Follow the step-by-step guidance to design buildings that save energy, save money, prevent greenhouse gas emissions and achieve ENERGY STAR. 


Achieve Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR


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