Service providers

Behind every great building, there’s a great team of people. They’re the ones assessing energy performance, installing equipment, designing new buildings, or training staff.

Regardless of the role your business plays, EPA makes it easy for you to build your business by leveraging ENERGY STAR and its suite of tools and resources. Whether you’re an energy services company, contractor, design firm, or any provider in between, you can use the information below to get a leg up on the competition … and make ENERGY STAR a value-add for your clients.

Image of a man in an industrial building to evaluate energy performance.

Service and product providers

Find tools and resources for companies that sell energy efficiency products and services for existing buildings and industrial plants.

Photo of a man with a clipboard.

Verify applications for ENERGY STAR certification

Find how-to guides and training for individuals who sign off on buildings’ applications for ENERGY STAR certification. Only Professional Engineers and Registered Architects may conduct verifications.

Photo of several people congregated around a building design plan.

Design commercial buildings

Find commercial building design guidance and assessment tools for new construction or major retrofit projects.