Benchmarking Policies and Building Performance Standards: EPA Resources

Getting Started

Technical Assistance

Benchmarking Policies

  • Contact EPA for help with:
    • Information on existing Portfolio Manager benchmarking activity for your jurisdiction
    • Setting up data requests or property-sharing to collect data from building owners.
    • Training on Portfolio Manager for your Help Desk staff
    • Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Every year EPA provides a “List of Recommended Metrics to Collect.” This encourages collection of common metrics, facilitating research into the effectiveness of policies across jurisdictions. Contact us to join our mailing list.
  • Refer to our List of Portfolio Manager Property Types, Definitions, and Use Details.
  • For your building owners and service providers, EPA offers:

Utility Data Access

Setting Goals and Evaluating Impacts

Developing a BPS Framework, Selecting BPS Metrics, and Establishing Targets

Implementing BPS

Consider Complementary Policies

Benchmarking and BPS policies can work well alongside other programs and policies. EPA has resources to help with several of these:

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